Diagnosis Diary

My Husband & My Best Friend

The many months of visits 

My first visit was my GP who was great a couple of simple test, or simple to someone who has a working memory, but me, well mine is a little faulty, so mistakes where made.

After every question I looked at my husband for reassurance, was that right?

I could tell with his expression I had got the questions wrong.

My GP said it could be something simple that was interfering with my memory,

 so blood appointments where arranged .

The bloods tests where carried out and all came back normal, cholesterol a little high but nothing to worry about, so a referral was made to the memory clinic & also the hospital for an MRI scan.

Monday 10th September 2018 my 1st appointment at the Memory Clinic 

 I had cognitive tests, discussions on my symptoms.

Sunday 30th September I had an MRI scan at our local hospital 

Monday 1st October 18 Occupational Therapist, visit at home.

25th October appointment to see a Doctor at the Memory Clinic where we had discussions on my memory, results from cognitive test and MRI

Saturday 3rd November we received the notes from the doctor with Significant Diagnosis 

Cognitive test where low and in bold text 

Cognitive impairment under investigation 

mild-moderate cognitive impairment with associated function decline

I think at this point I began to realise something was wrong, but still clinging on to other explanations.

At this point more referrals where sent to the Psychologist and also Neurologist 

22nd November 2018 1st appointment with Psychologist 

I found this appointments one of the most difficult, mentally.

I wrote in my diary

“ Today I cannot remember everything we talked about, one thing I do know I did not like it, you brought up things which I found very intrusive!, you made me feel unhappy, you upset me, you made me feel very confused.”

Looking back at my diary I can understand why some of the questions where asked.

More appointments where made and it was requested that I attended alone to complete the test.

Friday 30th November & Thursday 6th December, more in-depth cognitive test took place.

60-90 minutes to complete each of the test, very tiring and draining, we had to end one of the test as my concentration just wasn’t good.

18th December 2018 appointment to see a Neurologist at a Hospital a few miles from us.

I hated this Hospital the environment, the waiting room everything about this place made me feel uncomfortable, old, nothing left.

The neurologist was very nice it was just the environment, I was immediately sent for more blood tests, and was told they had to be tested ASAP, very curious? The tests where done and she said I would receive another appointment and also would request an EEG to be carried out.

Friday 25th January 19 had to go for more bloods apparently the bloods where not tested as requested so had to be done again.

14th February 2019 appointment to see doctor art the Memory Clinic

The hardest part about the diagnosis is acceptance 

Months of visiting health care professionals,

The waiting for results, the different tests the anxiety,

The unknown!

Then all at once, the day you have been waiting for arrives, 

You think you are ready to take what ever diagnosis the doctor throws at you.

You are never prepared!

Dementia in Alzheimer’s disease 

Significant decline in all domains 

My Diary 14th Feb 2019

“Today is the memory clinic day, it was the 6th August ( my birthday) when my GP raised concerns regarding my memory still no diagnosis & still having tests with neurologist, I hope we are getting nearer to a diagnosis as anxiety is starting to affect me now.

So I now have the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, shock when you hear someone say the word Alzheimer’s especially when it’s the doctor.

So much to take in, can’t remember much of what was said in the room, I have snippets of things, little tiny pieces.  This is very hard to take in, absorb & process.

Head spinning, feel numb, it’s a sad day 😢”

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