Daily Changes

So I looked through my diary today, thought I would share a page from October 2018

Got up and got dressed ready to take my three dogs for a walk. I normally get changed out of my dog walking clothes as soon as I get home, but today I forgot and did not realise until later in the day when sat having my lunch, I looked down and there they was my old clothes 🙈

Keep forgetting to clean my teeth, I don’t know if I have cleaned them or not.

Forgetting to lock doors, leaving hot brush on. My cleaning is not as good as it used to be, I forget what I have cleaned or have I been in that room? I was horrified to find dust on my shelves today😟

Loosing words in conversations, going blank.

I have now put things into place to help assist,

I have a Things To Do book, I use this everyday, even for little tasks. I write everything in the book and I keep it in a place where I see it, on the breakfast bar where I sit quite a lot, this works for me 😊

For example:-

Walk dogs

Clean teeth / wash

Clean bathroom

Put jacket potato in oven about 11am for lunch ( might not get the time right but I do remember at some point)

When I have done my tasks I cross or tick them off, I then know they have been done.

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