Diary – Weekend

Saturday 15th February 2020

Well the start of storm Dennis is slowing creeping in, the wind is starting to pick up I can hear it howling down the chimney…nothing like the other storm as yet.

Toby is annoying me to go for a walk and the other two…Flick and Charlie couldn’t care less as they are cozy…fast asleep.

Quite a few dog walkers out this morning, before storm Dennis hits us I think.

Lots of seaweed washed up on the beach this morning, makes the beach look dirty.

Toby watches the other dogs on the beach…lack of concentration on the ball…too many distractions.

Hubby is not working today, so he finishes off fitting our new blinds…Love them. I tidy round and do some washing.

All jobs done…we decide to chill and watch a film Toy Story 4

I’m chilling now for the rest of the day, for some reason I have felt a little nauseous today, I do suffer from catarrh so that doesn’t help.

Storm Dennis is building and the wind and rain has started by late afternoon

Sunday 16th February 2020

Wow sounds windy out there as I get out of bed to let the dogs out…they wasn’t out very long this morning, think the wind blew them back in again 😂

Out with Toby…windy out but not as bad as earlier in the week

Back home hubby makes brunch 😋

After we have eaten I make a start on writing my notes for my presentation which I will be doing tomorrow (Monday 17th Feb) I’m excited, possibly a little nervous…but looking forward to the whole experience of being able to share my experiences of living with dementia.

Later we start on sorting the loft out hubby helps by removing all the rubbish and things that need to go to the recycling centre.

Late afternoon we have a walk up to the prom, the weather decides to change all at once…for the worse 🙈

We head off home pretty quickly as we can see the storm rolling in and the wind as certainly picked up.

Back home in the warmth…Time for Sunday Dinner 🍽

After our meal I speak with Peter to confirm details, of presentation tomorrow…Then time to chill

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