Saturday 13th June 2020

🦠🦠Day 81 of Lockdown 🦠🦠

I had a better nights sleep and feel more refreshed, no headache so it’s all good…Just in time for baking day. Haven’t got a clue what to bake today, but I forgot the fresh whipping cream, I only bought extra thick which is no good for whipping , so it’s definitely something without cream…just when you could eat a piece of Victoria Sponge with fresh cream and strawberry jam mmmm.

I decide on baking some scones…have to take Toby a walk first so off we go to the beach.

It’s a lovely morning and as we stand at the waters edge listening to the sea I notice something dark in colour keep bobbing up out of the sea, I try to take a photo but the camera is not very good for the distance needed

it is at times like this I wish I had a better camera. Definitely a porpoise, dolphin or seal, I will have to watch the local Facebook group to see if anyone else saw anything.

Back at home it’s baking day and I make a brew and start to set out my ingredients for making scones…I also decide to video so I can upload on to my YouTube channel, showing that you can still bake when you have dementia, even though some might think differently. I also have some useful tips I use when baking too. Like writing the recipe down and crossing off when done.

Baking and the videos done…chill for a while then out comes my new whittling/ wood carving tools and I begin to whittle/ carve a small piece of wood. I am wearing special gloves as the tools are so sharp and I simply do not trust myself with these sharp knives, so gloves are a brilliant idea.

Carving done, really pleased with myself and my 1st attempt.

Sunday 14th July 2020

🦠🦠Day 82 of Lockdown 🦠🦠

Slept ok out for my walk with Toby and Charlie around 7.30am

Feeling good no headaches or fuzzy head.

A day in the garden as the weather is good today, I can finish my hedgehog house and perhaps a little more wood carving

More carvings done and hedgehog house completed, even attempted a little gnome.

It’s been a crafty kind of a weekend, keeps me away from the computer screen

my succulents are doing really well this year…the gardens starting to have lots more colour which is lovely to see when the flowers are blooming, the baskets and planters are full of colour. Just love being in the garden

One thought on “Diary

  1. Good to see you are back Up again Gail. Love your photos. I’ve made a couple more whistles for Thursday funsters. Will show this week. About to buy a good burning kit, as my cheap one broke.


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