Diary – Crafting

Monday 15th June 2020

🦠🦠 Day 83 of Lockdown 🦠🦠

It’s 12.50am and I can’t sleep, been answering emails, messages, checking in on Facebook and Twitter. Generally seeing what people are up to.

Amazing what you see and find out when you have time on your hands.

It’s been lovely weather over the weekend so another influx of visitors to the Fylde coast from St Anne’s to Fleetwood.

I have on my mind about seeing family… I haven’t seen any family or friend for months, not even to wave or talk too over the garden wall, the only time we have spoken has been on FaceTime, phone, messenger or Snapchat.

It would be lovely to see family but if I’m completely honest, nervous as at the moment the only time I venture out is to walk the dogs and shopping once a week.

It would be nice to have a safe social distancing get together, but anxiety is taking over at the moment.

I’m off walking with Toby on the beach when I see a fellow dog walker, she has told me her name many times but can’t remember it today…I don’t really need to know her name as we chat about our dogs at a safe distance, just nice to see her as I hadn’t seen her for a few weeks. Sad to hear she has just lost one of her dogs her little Westfield whom had just turned 15. It is so sad when we loose our pets.

Very misty out at sea this morning, but it’s beautiful and sunny, it’s going to be another warm one today

Hubby has the fairy house bug now and has made a little church to go in the fairy garden…he cut some old ceramic floor tiles to make the body and roof of the house before covering in lollipop sticks and stones, so now the fairy’s can go to church.

Looks like lots of people have got the fairy house bug as I have inspired so many to make fairy house

Agnes’s 2 x fairy houses

Also Teresa (Dori) made one as well

Crafting is so good for you, everyone should try it. Time passes as you release your creative side…the best bit is seeing what you have actually created. It will give you a little boost of confidence! So give crafting a try.

I was asked to see if I could do a video on a simple face mask and share, so that was my morning task.

So here is the link to my video below


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