Diary – Face Masks and Bike Ride

Tuesday 16th June 2020

🦠🦠Day 83 of Lockdown 🦠🦠

Woke at 5am but felt like I had slept longer for some reason, my body clock was telling me it was later, so I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I Make a cup of tea, feed the dogs and the fish then tick them off my things to do list.

I’m trialing a few ideas for the face masks, not as quick or as sharp as I used to be… I always muddle through till I find ways.

It’s a real achievement now when I get things right…something that we all take for granted…How our brain works…Until it doesn’t work or goes a bit faulty.

The latest face mask

We have the yellow “I want to speak please” cards when we are in our Zoom meeting, which is a visual aid to help people feel confident to take their turn to speak, also creating space for people to find their voices, also a way of helping everyone to feel more equal in a meeting.

Everyone uses the cards in meetings, not just people with dementia.

So it was suggested a face mask would be a brilliant idea…I was in my craft room like a shot, messing around with material and designs until I came up with an idea, it is only a rough idea but the idea is definitely there. I will be doing more sample designs over the coming days.

I have a break from the face masks and take the dogs on the beach

It’s quite busy out and about and it’s still early, it’s the fine dry weather that brings people to the beach.

As the weather is so calm today we decide to go a bike ride, I don’t go on the main roads anymore, one I don’t have the confidence and two I’m not good at looking over my shoulder, I loose my balance if I’m not looking straight forward. So now I just stick to the prom. Safer for me and others.

We set off in the direction of Blackpool taking in the views along the way

We don’t quite make it to Blackpool, a little too far for me… I do manage a 7 mile bike ride and a total 6 miles walk throughout my day.

After lunch hubby goes off to purchase wood as I need more shelf space in my craft room and I clear the area ready for the shelves to be fitted.

That’s it for me today, tired so time to chill and relax.

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