Diary – Funny words

Wednesday 17th June 2020

🦠🦠Day 84 of Lockdown 🦠🦠

After a really bad week last week, with headaches, confusion, tiredness and everything else that my sidekick Alzheimer’s brings along, this week is turning out totally different. You never know what to expect with dementia, things creep up on you then disappear, then something else might change…every day can be so different… how we feel and what we can do. I just go with the flo, if it’s a good day I’m looking for things to do, if it’s a bad day I shut myself away behind the safety of my own 4 walls. That way no one can see me…I feel secure…I feel safe.

Me and hubby had to laugh yesterday, hubby is in my craft room doing some DIY, when I accidentally hit his ribs…I apologised straight away by saying. ” sorry I hope I didn’t hurt your shelves” as I rub his chest, hubby could not believe what I had said. He repeated my words back to me… oh we did laugh 😂

Later in the day a similar thing happened when my words came out wrong again. It was thundering and I said “wow did you hear those fireworks ” We have to laugh!

Just little things that start to change, you may not notice them straight away, or you may think it’s just a one off, then they become more noticeable…then they happen more regularly or it may not happen again for a while.

We just don’t know why or how, it’s just how it is, so you have to just go with the flow

After the thunderstorms of last night it a lovely morning so time for that beach walk.

Later in the day after the Diarist Zoom, I sort my craft room out…hubby has put more shelves up for me.

Now I can get back in my craft room I can resume work on face masks.

Do a couple of hours messing and trialing before calling it a day.

The flowers in the garden are coming along now and there are some beautiful bright colours a bloom to brighten our garden

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