Monday 22nd June 2020


My hubby finished the skylight in my craft room Sunday evening. Not only can I craft in natural light, I can watch the birds flying, the clouds moving by and listen and see the torrential rain beating on the glass.

What a difference it makes to the room.

I haven’t been able to go in in my craft room since Thursday as everything was covered over. I was dying to play with my new die cut machine for card making. I managed an hour of testing it out yesterday and realised I have no card it’s all coloured paper I have in the drawer. So annoying when you think you have something and realise not!

I can’t wait to get started, feel I could easily loose myself in card!

I’m not going to know which craft to go with, i think it will all depend on the weather.

On the beach with Toby enjoying our walk this morning in the sunshine

10.30 am I have an interview with a lovely lady from the Northumbria University doing some research on how the lockdown and coming out of the lockdown is having an effect on people with dementia. She has been looking and is still looking for people to take part in a short interview which lasts about an hour.

I did notice my words kept disappearing, you know when you can’t think of a word, well I’m like that but quite a lot more now. General chit chat ok start going into depth when questions are asked, that’s when I loose the capacity to remember or should I say find the word I want to say. It’s a strange feeling in a way, it’s like there is nothing there it’s just empty.

I do some of my poetry exercise later , well I make a start. I have been really enjoying the different types of poetry, most not even heard of. It’s a whole new challenge. Something different and something to keep my brain going.

Later in the day I have my Zoomette zoom with the lovely ladies. We have such a laugh together. Playing music tonight brought a mixture of feelings and memories.

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