Diary – Trying to get my routine back

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

🦠🦠Day 90 of Lockdown🦠🦠

Looking back on my diary yesterday I missed the title, the lockdown days, most probably more, does it matter no not really because I’ve put them in this morning.

Hubby is back at work today so I can get my routine back to normal. I have found trying to plan and cook two meals a day is quite a task. Hubby always makes the Full English Breakfast on a Sunday now because there are two many elements in the cooking of the meal and I just can’t time everything to be cooked at the same time, which is so flustrating as we used to be a family of 6 and I always did the cooking without any problems

Christmas dinner at our house was always well planned and ready all together and on time and for more people, I think 11 was the total one year as we squeezed everyone around the dining table…which was all planned by me. Hubby helped on the day a little, mainly in charge of the drinks ha! ha! So when I can’t get a breakfast for 2 right it’s definitely a little frustrating. Last night I only had 3 elements to cook and one was very nearly burnt. Just something else my sidekick Alzheimer’s likes to interfere with, the planning and timing of cooking a meal.

When hubby is at work I only have 1 meal to plan and think about, as a simple jacket potato is my favourite lunch…so life is a little easier.

My whole routine is easier…once hubby has left for work, I tidy around in my own little world of piece and quiet only myself to think about…ticking my jobs of my things to to list as I go. I can get on with my crafting or gardening or whatever else I may be doing, without distractions. I seem to have more time in a day.

I should point out as sometimes my blogs do get misunderstood. I do love hubby being around it’s just easier for my head now to have time alone. Hubby does sort of understand.

On the beach, quiet this morning with a very grey overcast sky, not that it affects our walk…Toby couldn’t care less what the weather is doing as long as he gets on the beach.

Back at home my plan was to do some card making, but I haven’t much card only paper, typical! So now on internet ordering card.

So lockdown has been eased again slightly, mmm how do I feel about that? At this moment I don’t think I will be changing that much, only visiting may get more frequent.

I was copied in on this theory below written by Christine Miserandino which I found very interesting so thought I would share

The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino



Beautifully written with a great explanation of how she feels regarding having to keep explaining about her condition. I know her condition is different to dementia but it’s the explanation of her illness and how she feels that I could totally relate too

Slowing down, not doing everything, is a fight of my own…I hate having to choose the not getting things done or things I want to do. I definitely feel that frustration.

Only need a fuzzy head day and that’s my day gone!

Beautiful evening, hubby wants to go for a walk, have I the energy?

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