Diary – Best Day of the Week

Thursday 25th June 2020

🦠🦠Day 92 of Lockdown 🦠🦠

Oh it’s Thursday and it’s the best day of the week for me

1. M&S shopping day

2. Thursday silly zoom

3. Chippy tea

4. Today the sun is shining

It can’t get better than this!

7am and the beach is quiet, there are a few areas of mud around, and guess who finds the mud and runs through it, Yep Toby! Greets me with a good old shake and now I am splattered!

Not so white t-shirt any more.

Toby had lots of fun on the beach, he was full of energy this morning.

Out to do my M&S shop, no cue this morning, so straight in. That makes a nice change.

Home and get distracted by shopping and putting things away, look at the time…oh no Zoom in 10 minutes, I’m not changed or made my self a brew or been to the loo. Don’t know what’s happened to my time management! Think it moved out when Alzhiemers moved in !

11.05am I’m on the zoom meeting dressed as Morticia Addams we are having a game of charades this morning and we have been asked to dress up. My film was The Adams Family, forgot to take a photo! Anyone would think I had a memory problem!

There wasn’t as many on Zoom today, but we still managed to have a laugh.

My potato’s are taking over and my strawberries are looking pretty good.

Out into the garden after lunch but it’s far to warm to sit in this sun today, I potter a while in the garden then sit in the shade with a chocolate ice cream sundae when hubby gets in from work.

Just keeping out of the sun it is far to warm, exhausting!

Well this week has been a much better week, my sidekick Alzheimer’s is being much kinder to me. Tiredness has crept up on me today, don’t think the heat has helped think we are all a little lethargic today.

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