Diary – Can’t sleep

Monday 6th July 2020

Well I’m having one of those I’m very tired but my sidekick Alzheimer’s not going to let me sleep nights

So I thought Try and describe what it’s like

I go to bed at my usual time which is around 10pm feeling tired and can’t wait to get into my bed.

Get my self comfy and close my eyes

Then it starts, I’m moving and fidgety,

My legs feel like they should be moving, so I shuffle them about.

Now my legs are hanging out from the bedding

Now my pillow is not right.

I have been in bed over an hour and a half shuffling my legs

Turning from one side to the other flipping backwards and forwards

That’s it had enough!

I’m now out of bed and sat in the living room

I’m on my iPad checking social media

I’m now thinking of things to do rather than social media

1.23 am – wide awake, tired but still wide awake

I write my diary and some of my blog

Now I’m feeling a little tired and my eyes are heavy

I slouch down on the sofa and listen to the wind howling as it swirls around the outside of the house, the rain pelting against the window

Everything else is quiet apart from the clock

Tick tock, tick tock

I focus on the rhythm of the clock

I retire back to bed around 2ish I think it was and don’t wake again until 7 am so not too bad at least I get some sleep.

It’s still very windy here on the Fylde coast

This video doesn’t exist

I have a busy day on Zoom a little to busy so hope my head hold out from the headaches.

My mindfulness Zoom is very interesting, but found it so hard to sit still and relax and concentrate on the actual meeting, all I am thinking about is what I could be doing…by the end of the session I am a little wound up, so it’s had the opposite effect on me which is not good.

I dig some of the potatoes plants out that have been totally obliterated by the weather, so new potatoes for tea tonight

Time to have lunch and then another Zoom at 3pm, so hubby in charge of cooking tonight.

By the end of the Zoom I am feeling rather tired so decide to opt out of the Zoomettes tonight. Disappointed because they are a great bunch and it’s always such fun, but I think I am pushing my self a little to much to attend another hour and a half on Zoom , especially after not having the best nights sleep last night.

I let hubby sort our meal out tonight, which was lovely.

Then a chilled night for me with my feet up!

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