Diary – Me Time

Tuesday 7th July 2020

I thought I would sleep well until I woke just after 12 then I was awake every 2 hours…decided to get up at 5.20am.

It’s fine and dry out and the wind has certainly dropped, it’s very calm this morning.

My day will be a lot calmer and slower today as I have no Zoom meetings as I have tried to make Tuesday my day.

It’s a quick tidy round then do what ever I want to do. Which today will be in my craft room creating more cards and also embroidering name tags for my grandsons new school uniform, as he starts High School in September.

I can’t believe my first grandchild is going to be starting high school.

That little bundle of joy who used to spend weeks and some times a full month staying at Grandma and Grandads…My daughter and family used to live in Verwood Dorset so my daughter would come and visit for a week or so…leave Harry with us to give her a break and me and hubby got to spend lots of quality time on our own with him. We used to love that time…I was younger then and didn’t have dementia.

I was still busy with our business Bears4u…funnily enough I always fitted everything in.

Super organised…I still try to be

From my cupboards and drawers to planning my day / week

Now I have to know exactly what I am doing on a daily basis or I do feel a bit lost, anxious, fidgety if that’s the right word.

Planning my days are part of my routine now

So today I have had a really good day just doing what I love doing crafting.

Making lots of cards. Definitely need some more dies, you never have what you need, when you need it!

Finished all Harry’s name tags.

30 embroidered name tags an hour later

Time now to sit down for the evening 😊

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