Diary – Clearing out day

Wednesday 8th July 2020

5am wide awake,

Hubby’s day off work today and our local recycling centre is back open, so we will be getting rid of lots of rubbish from when we sorted out the loft, shed, workshop, etc. Just a few jobs we did whilst in lockdown.

We seem to keep anything and everything wether it works or not. The loft is a great storage area for “do we need this”? “Oh put it in the loft we might”!

Before you know it the loft is full of stuff from years ago that will never be used again…and the majority doesn’t work!

“The parts might be useful” What !

When have you ever dismantled a vacuum or a DVD player to use parts!

They just sit there taking up space, collecting dust.

So that is one of our main jobs to do today.

All exciting stuff here!

Well it is to me…anything to do with cleaning, sorting, and I’m in…no stoping me!

So this morning I’m not attending the Diarist Zoom…I do miss the discussions and the people as we chat away 90 minutes.

This week I started off with more lengthy zooms than normal which has made a difference to how I feel as the week goes on.

Today I do have a headache, which got me thinking, if I wasn’t in lockdown and was attending meetings…Would I attend 2 or 3 meetings a day every day?

The answer would be no.

It’s funny how we or should I say…I have been so enthusiastic to join anything and everything.

Groups, webinars…the feeling of actually being involved again has felt great! which has resulted in taking too much on. I am learning, very slowly, but I am starting to limit the time on Zoom…as we do need time to collect our thoughts and recharge our batteries.

Over the last few weeks I am now trying to look at what I enjoy being a part of and then split my time between those groups and if I do take an extra zoom, does something else have to give for that particular week.

My main groups now are Zoomettes, Dementia Diaries, Funster Thursdays. I do attend others but they are not on a weekly basis, so at the moment I am down to 1 meeting a day apart from Tuesday…I’m keeping that definitely a me day 😊

One of the groups I am involved with is the Dementia Diaries whom are updating the guidelines on dementia-friendly writing

To get an idea of the broad range of problems that people experience – including people without dementia.

 You may want to help by filling out a short survey it only takes about 5 – 10 minutes so if you have time that would be great

Here is the link below, I hope it works as my brain has not been the best with apps over the last 24 hours

Click Here

It’s been a productive day at home and away from the computers today.

A walk with hubby and the dogs this morning

Sorted all the rubbish that needed to go to the recycling centre from when we cleaned out the loft and shed. Hubby did the tip run as we call it (Recycling Center )

We then went to our local garden centre, it has crafting things as well. Couldn’t walk out with not buying anything!

Lunch, then hubby gave the neighbours a hand with moving some gravel while I had an hour in my craft room. Creating cards again

Getting used to the Z fold cards today

Had a good day apart from the mild headaches

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