Diary – New Strategy’s

Thursday 9th July 2020

After weeks of trying to work out card folds, I master the Z fold this has been at times troublesome…just working out which way it folds to create a Z.

May sound simple to you if you are the person without dementia…read instructions or watch a video copy and success or maybe it might take a couple of times to practice.

To me it takes longer for my brain to process, I do get eventually get the process after several attempts and flustration.

Then after a short period of time I try again and I’ve lost it! 🙈

Yesterday I watched another video and rewound and rewound untill the process is stuck there in my head, then I cut out quite a few Z fold cards…I am now in repetitive mode and I am successfully remembering the process.

Many days of trying has resulted in another achievement!

It has taken me a couple of weeks of trying, walking away, getting annoyed, screwing up paper, wanting to give up through sheer flustration!

Like I have said before ” Don’t give up because you don’t do it the first time, or the second or even the third…Please keep trying”!


Oh I have just remembered…a few days ago I was asked to record and read a couple of passages from the Deep News Letter.

Yes I can do that…no problem I thought…until I actually came to reading.

I was surprised to find I had no idea what some of the words was. This hasn’t happened before…well I don’t think it has.

I am looking at words (just letters) they don’t look like words if that makes sense.

I ask Alexa how do you say …… and then I spell out the word saying each letter.

Alexa’s response ” sorry I don’t understand “. I try again ” sorry I don’t understand ” Now I’m getting annoyed. I turn to my phone and ask my phone…can’t get the bloody thing to work!

Light bulb moment 💡

Google … I type in the word I am having difficulty with

How do you say ……..

This video doesn’t exist

Wow it speaks back to me, you have no idea how that felt, relief and excitement!

See another way of doing things! Another tip…Another strategy.

Never ever give up!

There are ways, you just have to find them!

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