Diary – Weekend

Friday 16th October 2020

Mum’s Birthday today…a good job we visited yesterday as we are now in one of the Highest Covid restriction areas. We did have a feeling this would happen.

I am so tired today from all the planning…visiting and walking yesterday, which when I checked my watch I had covered over 5 miles in total from mainly running around in circles forgetting things!

I’m always uneasy when we have been visiting and takes me a day or two to settle back down…things jumping in and out of my head…it’s very strange and unsettling, so today has been spent at home catching up on the house hold chores. Hubby cleans the cars and the windows to our house while I’m inside cleaning.

I’m not rushing around today…just taking my time…no time limit…I have all day!

We do manage a short beach walk with the dogs

Hubby & Toby

So that was Friday…a day of catching up with jobs and chillin.

Saturday 17th October 2020

Well I start the day just before 5am doing some ironing…then a diary for Dementia Diarists…I upload and hope I haven’t spoke about the topic before, I couldn’t remember what my last diary was for the Dementia Diarists. I used to keep a log of everything I had spoken about and file it so that I wouldn’t repeat myself. Unfortunately I have been forgetting to log my diaries…not like me as I am normally really organised.

8am me and hubby decide a different walk this morning, so off on our travels. Destination Wire Country Park

I cease the moment of collecting fallen or broken leaves to create some for the door and gate of our house. Yes you will notice there maybe blanks in my blog as I cannot think of the words! So annoying when this happens.

Below are photos of my creations…could this be classed as flower arranging for #dementiaCraftivism

I also do a spot of baking and make a variety…cherry…choc chip…jam…lemon and coconut.

To end the day feet up comfy chair and Strictly

Sunday 18th October 2020

I wake after a relatively good nights sleep…well good for me! I’m a little down in the dumps this morning all sorts going through my head as my eyes fill with tears. I don’t join hubby on the morning beach walk, I clean my fish tank…a distraction from thoughts hopping in and out of my head, suppose I’m hoping the thoughts will just go away. It’s been a tough year this year with the Covid restrictions and I always knew that the winter months would be testing and now stricter restrictions in place just makes every thing more difficult once again.

I try to stay positive and try to find the good…cheery side to most situations but my head is not letting me do that today! When I look outside through the window nothing really inspires me to smile, with the cold grey bland outlook. I really need something to motivate me…to make my smile come back to life…so brightness can fill my day once again.

I spend a good few hours in my craft room, but everything I do today just isn’t working…it’s like my magic has gone…just no sparkle today! I close the door on the craft room and return to the house.

So a strange day…not a day filled with laughter and smiles, but a day of thoughts jumping in and out of my head!

Tomorrow is a New Day so I hope for a brighter day…A smiley Day!

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