Diary – Recovery College

Tuesday 19th October 2020

Yesterday in my blog I spoke about words and lack of understanding when reading and the words or they do not not look like words…also trying to find the right words can also be a problem when writing…so my writing is becoming more simplified.

I suppose for me and the people whom read my blogs we have to realise that there will be changes, my blog will not be perfect and as time goes on who knows what will happen.

I do have dementia and I write the blog myself with no help or proof reading from another source. It is exactly as I write it. Yes there will be spelling mistakes, grammar errors and in some cases it might not even make sense.

Will I know of the mistakes? Probably not.

I will if you make me aware of them!

Which only brings to the surface that I am making lots of mistakes!

Which brings sadness…a feeling of failure…a feeling of something else dementia Could be taking.

Over the past few weeks people have brought to my attention that I am making grammar errors…spelling mistakes. Not only on my blog, but on my YouTube videos as well. This has highlighted the fact that I am now making more mistakes…spell checker doesn’t actually pick up every mistake I make unfortunately. I can only say I am sorry that my blogs and videos are not perfect…they are not meant to be!

My blog is a true representation of Me living with early onset Alzheimer’s.

This is how it is for Me!

Early Morning

I’m out with Toby and Charlie before 8am on the beach having a walk down to Mary’s Shell

I’m still very up and down and in a way I can’t be bothered with people today, but I join the Tuesday Tonic group as I missed them last week…I can’t get used to the afternoons as I am so much better in a morning so all the way through the meeting I am clock watching, I don’t know what is wrong with me as this group was one of my favourites but I’m just not feeling it today.

Recovery College

I will also mention today about the online courses available through the link below


If you go to the menu on the main page of Deepness Dementia Media…go to Recovery College and scroll down the page there are quite a few courses available…I have done 2 or 3 today 😊

You even get a certificate when you have completed a module.

When you are at a loose end…when the day is wet and cold outside, you could be learn something new in the comfort of your warm cozy home…so why not take a look and try a course or two! It will pass time, and give you a sense of achievement!

2 thoughts on “Diary – Recovery College

  1. Hi Gail. So sorry to hear about the insensitivity of some of your followers. I wonder if they have forgotten about your dementia.. I just love that you are so good at sharing your thoughts so honestly. I love Mary’s shell. It’s beautiful. What is it, exactly? Hope you are managing with your new lockdown level. Love Mary



  2. Hi Mary 😊🤗There is a story called “The sea swallow”, there are different sculptures taken from the book all along Cleveleys prom and the beach which are featured in the book. The iron shell known as Mary’s Shell is about 16 tons of metal sculpture.


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