Diary – Busy Day Writing

Wednesday 21st October 2020

A new day begins, not as organised as previous days as I look at the clock and it’s 8.25am…goodness I’m not dressed or taken Toby out …what have I been doing to make me so distracted till this time. So up I jump out of my chair to go and get dressed to start my day with a walk on the beach with my four legged friend Toby

There is a dampness in the air, at least is fine while we are walking. Just as we turn the corner to our house the rain comes down…so that was a bit of good timing.

I have a zoom meeting at 10am a practice run for a talk I will be doing so I need to prepare myself and get my notes together. I’m at the computer doing last minute preparations when I hear knocking, but it’s not a knocking on a door I can not think what it can be…I look around and there out of the front window are 2 Magpies cleaning their beaks on top of our fence…quite funny to watch. I realise 2 magpies mean Joy! I do hope they bring me some joy…well they made me smile, so that’s a good start!

The zoom meeting goes well, better than I expected, I got a little emotional after I had practiced saying my talk, as it is quite powerful. All is well and just hope the emotion and (can’t think of the word) comes across when I am speaking on the day.

I sit and get myself together make a brew and join the Diarist meeting for the last 30 minutes…thought I should show my face as I haven’t been able to join for a few weeks with one thing and another.

Time to type my notes up after lunch, and answer any emails, as I can’t get outside to do any gardening, as it’s far too wet to be in the garden to day. Inside jobs for me today. I take the opportunity to catch up on paperwork and writing.

I manage to get all my notes typed up and emailed. I make a start on another project that I am involved in but by mid afternoon my head is loosing the will to concentrate and my words are not going down well…plus I can’t find the ones I am looking for…they are hiding in my head somewhere playing hide ‘n’ seek!

Time to give up and call it a day from writing

My air plants are doing really well, I am so pleased with my little self. One plant is just flowering all the time. I have 3 flowers on the plant at the moment and I can see number 4 making its way through. The other plant has had a baby and another two making their appearance…all very exciting as I have never grown air plants before.

Hubby’s new saw arrived, so that is set up now…crafting a go go in our house!

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