Diary – Learning something new

Thursday 21st October 2020

Woo learning to paint with watercolours zoom this morning and I can’t wait! I have never painted before, well only emulsion and gloss in our house oh and masinory and fencing paint! It’s a whole new craft for me! How Exciting !

I received my paints, brushes and paper last week I think it was, I am so ready to get started keep opening the little tin of paints and looking at them!

Firstly I have to walk the dogs on this very wet, grey rainy morning. Rain coats on and off we go. Definitely the short walk this morning as it’s that really fine wetting rain…I know that all rain is wet but the fine stuff just seems to wet and soak you even more!

As I get nearer to the beach the rain is blowing against my face like little needles pricking my skin…that’s it had enough! We turn and head off back for home, the dogs don’t mind we are going home either…as they constantly shake the water off their coats. We reach home, the dogs are not running around the garden like they normally do…they stand at the black door willing it to open

As you can see from the above photo…2 very wet dogs! Charlie wishing the door was open 😂

We get out of our wet clothes and I have a cup of tea before the next job of the day an early M&S shop.

11am Painting watercolours with Frances

Learning today the colours, mixing and how they work on the paper, getting used to how much water to use with the paint.

I have very much enjoyed today, Frances is a very good teacher!

Face time with daughter and grandsons…Adam my grandson always makes me smile.

I think that will be it for me today as I had an awful nights sleep so I’m a little slower than normal which is only to be expected

Confusion sets in later in the day. I had my Karcher window vac charging on the worktop, once charged it should be put back in the bathroom cupboard. But when it is fully charged I only try to put it in the fridge! I suppose you are thinking well the bathroom cupboard seems like a strange place to keep a Karcher window vac…No not really as they are great for glass shower screens. Once you have showered just vac the shower screen …Da da no watermarks! Brilliant!

Sat here yawning away as I’m finishing off writing my blog, I think that’s enough for me today.

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