Diary – I Just Walk

Tuesday 26th October 2020

Today I wake and decide to walk before doing anything as I just had the urge to walk, so that’s what I did. It was a little damp out but a bit of dampness will not affect me only my hair! Which turns into an unruly frizzy mess, as my hair is naturally curly. Hair scraped back into a ponytail, coat, hat and gloves on…me Toby and Charlie set off.

We walk up to the beach but the tide in, so no beach walk, it’s a prom walking day today as we set off towards Cleveleys centre.

We walk past the wonderful Mary ‘s shell

We pass the Ogre, or where he should be. We couldn’t see the ogre today as he was covered by the sea.

We pass the Ogre’s paddle

Eventually we reach Cleveleys centre and I do think about walking some more, but then I realise, if I carry on walking I have to be able to get home and hubby is at work so can’t phone him, so we about turn and walk back but on the road this time

We pass the little fairground that has stood here for years. No rides! They have all been loaded into a wagon and taken away…I hope it will return as I have never known the rides to be moved before. Not even through the winter months.

We pass the plants and flower beds along the road side…they just starting to come back to life after the horrendous storm we had at the beginning of the year ( can’t remember the name of the storm) Next year they should have recovered and be blooming lovely!

I spy a ginnel in the middle of some houses on our route home… woo I think wonder where this leads…so off I go. We get to the end…mmmm where am I? I try to get my bearings just about to turn around and go back down the ginnel, when I spot a post box ” I wonder” so I carry on walking …it is…it’s the postbox I use! I know exactly where I am now.

Home and shattered that was a good walk!

I catch up on some housework and before I know it it’s lunchtime, so I have lunch and then record and send a diary through to the Dementia Diaries. I also do a recording for the Deepness Dementia Radio

Energy level now moving to low, I decided I can’t face the Tuesday Tonic Zoom.

Mum rings me and she surprised I’m available and not zooming! We chatter about the usual things…how bad the weather is…family…things she has been doing…things I have been doing…how things are going in general.

Before I know it it’s time to start cooking the tea. I don’t know where my time goes now! I always seem to be busy one way or another, definitely time to re jig my diary!

I need to seriously look at how I am managing my time.

Tiredness, headaches and nausea are affecting me most days by late afternoon.

Time to slow down and cut back on activities if that’s the right word.

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