Diary – Screen Time 😱

Wednesday 28th October 2020

I don’t know about you, but social media is very addictive and in these strange times of lockdown and tiers, dark nights and wet dismal days I am finding myself entering the world of social media more…Which only means more screen time…which leads to the headaches…fatigue and feeling nauseous.

We all need to feel connected to people and more of us are finding that out iPads and phones etc, are our lifeline of connection to others…which leads to more screen time!

I can remember my parents always telling me too much TV would give me square eyes! Today I think most of us would have square eyes! Not through too much TV, it would be an accumulation of TV, computers, phones, tablets or laptops. How many of us switch from watching tv to then going on our phones…tablets…iPads or even watching tv and also using our phones and tablets. So easy to fall into the social media trap of having to check people’s stories and links…which leads to more screen time. Writing my blog everyday is screen time.

I bet if you actually add up the hours / how many times a day we actually pick up and use our devices it would be shocking!

I really need to change my screen time habits!

It has almost become an obsession!

Last week on my iPad alone I was averaging 4hrs 19 minutes a day and around 1 hour 4 minutes on my phone, that is not including my computer…this is a ridiculous amount of time spent looking at a screen …No wonder I am suffering from fatigue and headaches!

So with that IPad down and off to the beach with Toby to sit by Mary’s shell watching and listening to the sea

Love just sitting watching the waves almost dancing…jumping in the air and unfurling into beads of white froth

The sea is so mesmerising!

After I have sat for quite sometime we head off through the park wher even the seagulls are finding it a little windy as they are being pulled across the sky also having trouble making a steady landing.

The trees are nearly bear as their leaves have been stripped

Back home I have a couple of Zoom meetings which I have limited my time between them so not to overload myself.

I am a little fatigued after my last one and take myself off to chill in my craft room.

I paint an abstract kinda watercolour but concentration is low and I am just not in the mood, so me and hubby sit and watch Tipping Point…How I love this game show ❤️

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