Diary – Weekend

Friday 8th January 2021

Day 4 of Lockdown

I wake this morning around 6:15am…I feed the dogs and then make myself a cup of tea before heading off into the craft room. I have been working on cutting some embellishments out, these are to be added to card packs I am putting together to make your own cards, possibly for crafting sessions or just for my own personal use.

I spend about an hour to an hour and a half and then return to the house where I get changed and take Toby for a walk.

It is absolutely freezing this morning, it is so cold that when I get to the beach, we immediately turn and head off home. Even though I have gloves on my fingers are going numb with the cold…my chin is going numb and so is my nose. I quickly head off for home…I need the warmth where I can have a hot cup of tea and thaw out.

 Once I have thawed out, I sort myself out and a quick tidy round in the house and then I’m back in the craft room…I am now surrounded by pieces of card and dies to make my embellishments

Before I know it’s lunchtime, so back into the house for lunch…a quick sandwich and then I have a FaceTime with Chris, always good to catch up with friends.

It’s been a strange sort of a day, mainly cold and wet outside. Woo we did have a tiny bit of snow…which didn’t last long at all and it was only a slight dusting.

So we haven’t been able to get out for our long walk with the new camera which is slightly disappointing. I do take a photo of a seagull sat on top of the telephone pylon, which was on the next street.

I was quite impressed with the camera quality at such a distance.

It really makes a difference when you can get out for a walk, just walking past time and you feel like you’ve done something… you’ve been somewhere.

When you’re stuck in the house all day, time seems to go slow and you get stuck with what to do…everything seems to become mundane and boring.

I do like to have at least one long walk a day, I know we can’t stop chattering in close proximity, but we can still say hello from a distance, even just a wave or the nod of achnowledgment makes the day brighter… it perks you up! You feel like you have had some people contact.

I do a few sketches later in the day, so that I have something to paint at a later date as I haven’t done any watercolours for the last few days and I need to have a change from doing card making or getting the card kits ready.

So for an hour so I lose my self in sketching

The sketches might not look much at the moment but once I’ve added the colour of the watercolour paints they just seem to come alive.

The paintings aren’t always a success, and when I’m sketching my rubber is my best friend! It doesn’t matter how many mistakes I make, as I’m enjoying myself, and that’s all that matters.

Saturday, the 9th of January 2021

Day 5 of Lockdown

I didn’t have the best nights sleep and I was in the craft room by 4 am this morning. I painted a couple of of watercolour paintings and packed up a few more card packs.

8.45am out for our morning walk with hubby and the dogs, camera in hand…not a very good morning for photos it’s a really bad light, quite hazy but I try a few photos can’t resist.

Later this afternoon I have a zoom meeting…Its the Book Launch for the Time and Place Collected Poems


So wonderful to meet up with everyone again and listen to a few poems too. It was a lovely afternoon…a very special afternoon ❤️

It I s not every day you are so lucky to be involved in such a Wonderful project and have your own poems published along with lots of other poems. All written by very talented people and we all have a diagnosis of dementia.

The book is a available from Waterstones and also Amazon

Sunday 10th January 2021

Day 6 of Lockdown

This morning at wake around 5am I make myself a cup of tea let the dogs out and then go into the craft room. I finish off a painting of a fern which I started a couple of days ago. I finish the painting around 6.45am…go back into the house to feed the dogs and make another cup of tea.

8.30 ish. me hubby and the dogs are on the beach, it’s a very grey morning and so it’s not very clear for taking photos the waves are crashing on rolling in…the sea looks quite rough this morning and there’s hardly anyone around as the tide is high so there is no sand for the dogs to run on…just pebbles this morning .

It is not as cold this morning and there was no frost last night, so that’s a positive.

I’m having another day in my craft room today finishing off card packs.

At 3.00pm I have near enough finished… quite a few packs all put together ready to be made up into cards.

So a busy crafting weekend.

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