Diary – Wonderful Morning, a whole new world

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Day 8 of Lockdown

Well I hope today is a brighter day.

Since my new camera arrived it’s been nothing but rain, mist, fog or just generally grey and miserable with bad light.

So this morning I took myself off to the nature reserve, I’m hoping to get some good shots of the sunrise and also the wildlife. Me, Toby and the camera set off.

We arrive just after 8 am at the nature reserve which is around 5 minutes from home, so plenty of time to set myself up for the Sunrise. There’s a few dog walkers around but they’re well out of my way, so I don’t have to worry about Toby running off, or wanting to chase other dogs.

I can just relax and enter my new world.

Camera at the ready and I begin to click, click, click, I take photos of everything that is insight, I walk a little, I stop a little, click, click, click, and this is how it goes for the next hour and 45 minutes. I could not believe where the time had gone, I had taken over 50 photographs some of them were rubbish which I deleted straight away but some I really liked and that’s the main thing, I like the photos…they made me happy, I was so pleased with my little self.

Wonderful couple of hours spent in a different world, the world of nature, the world that’s calm, the world that’s quiet and a world which I very much enjoyed!

So it’s a big thank you to Wendy Mitchell for giving me some camera advice and encouraging me to put down my phone and pick up a camera.

I am so happy with my new little toy…my new camera!

Sunrise at the Nature Reserve

Beautiful Swans

Entrance to the Reserve

Was so difficult to just choose a few photos!

I have had such a beautiful morning

My day has been so much calmer than yesterday… just been taking things easier. I did a little too much yesterday …I won’t learn, cause I find it hard to change and slow down. As for the reasoning…to me that’s like giving in. I’m not ready to let dementia control me…even though it does have a dam good try…the one thing dementia definitely controls is my sleep or lack of! So it’s no wonder I’m always exhausted in an afternoon.

Woo hubby came home with beautiful flowers for me, what a lovely surprise!

I did manage a short walk late afternoon, just to capture a few photos from Rossall Beach

Blackpool Tower photo taken from Rossall Beach which is in between Fleetwood and Cleveleys late afternoon

Old fishing boat, way out at sea

A day of taking things easy.

Just clicking away with my camera capturing nature and surrounding views. Heavenly!

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