Diary – A visit to the optician

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Day 9 of Lockdown

This morning I have to sort myself out asI have an eye test at the opticians.

Firstly I take Charlie and Toby for a walk, it’s a quick one this morning as it’s absolutely throwing it down. So it’s just round the block for us today, no playing on the beach for taking photos with the camera.

I have to be at the opticians for 9:25 am I don’t know what it is with me at the moment but before the dementia I was always on time…I had everything planned and was never rushing around…I was so organised.

Now it’s a totally different story as my dementia muddle me slightly. This morning I thought I had plenty of time to take the dogs out as it was a quick walk.

I also thought I would have plenty of time to come home get dressed and sort myself out for the appointment. How wrong was I.

I get so distracted with other things and knew that I should not have opened social media, because before I know it, its 8:50 am.

Now I only have 10 minutes in which to get changed and sort myself out. I have to make sure I’ve got everything… turned everything off…locked the doors…sort dogs out …oh oh panic strikes as usual as Im getting myself a little flustered.

I am ready on time, so why do I get like this?

I can get worked up over the slightest little bit of a thing now, especially if it’s not going how it should…or how I think it should.

Little things become big things and before i know it…flustration, anxiety and panic sets in.

After getting flustered I did reach my appointment on time. The optician on the other hand hadn’t even shown up. The ladies whom work in the shop where very nice and helped me choose some glasses before the optician arrived to save on time.

All different rules now in the shop because of COVID which is hard to take in, but hey ho I managed after a few reminders from the lovely staff.

The optician arrived in a unfriendly manner, which made me wary and uneasy. I didn’t particularly like his manner and I hadn’t met this optician before. One question he asked about my driving glasses…making reference to Alzheimer’s and driving…forgotten exactly how he put it, but mmm he was surprised I was driving whilst having Alzheimer’s or something like that.

It was one of those roll my eyes, head shake and sigh moments!

I preferred the last optician he was a lovely friendly man, always jolly and polite. He made things clear with simple explanations, felt much more comfortable .

Home, time to make a brew and join the Diarist Zoom meeting. Lots of happy smiling faces! Now that feels better…I forget all about the optician and enter the zoom world of friendly people all whom understand dementia. An hour of zoom with friends is just what I needed.

After a very wet grey miserable day, I thought I would finish with some photos of flowers to make it feel brighter.

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