Diary – Relentless Rain

Thursday 14th January 2021

Day 10 of Lockdown

I wake in the early hours of the morning I think it’s about 3:10 3:15 am with a slight pain in my side or is it my back can’t decide…I only know that it is uncomfortable. Can’t decide if I’ve twisted my back or could possibly be something else, who knows.

As the morning goes I don’t feel too bad.

I do my Thursday morning food shop…I’m in and out of the supermarket and home in superfast time…

1. Don’t particularly want to be out long

2. Don’t like busy shops / supermarkets

3. I have a meeting this morning regarding card making sessions.

The rest of my morning Is spent sewing and sorting out hooded tops for Bears.

This is not one of my favourite jobs as my Mum used to sew all the hooded tops when we had our business Bears4u…I could really do with her help right now, but COVID restrictions have put a stop to that happening!

I carry on slowly, eventually sorting out all the hooded tops…boy I’m glad that job is out of the way!

Whilst talking with Philly this morning, I’m interested to find out more about her new venture of felting and the wonderful sea and sky scapes she produces…I thought I would share a link to her wonderful creative work for you all to see and also a little about Philly.


Unique contemporary felt art, inspired by – and created in – the remote Outer Hebrides

Philly lives at the northernmost tip of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. In her art She try to capture the essence of the seas and skies which surrounds her daily life.

She creates her feltings in a small cottage in the crofting community of Ness. With the traditional needle-felting technique to combine threads of fine merino wool and mulberry silk into dramatic land-, sea- and sky-scapes. She selects wool of colours and textures which reflect the natural wildness of this remote island. The silk picks up the gleam of sunlight or moonlight on water or clouds. 

Each of her felting is unique and takes many hours to create. I hope you like the end result!


So my day has just been plodding on at my own pace with a little sewing until mid afternoon. Then as usual tiredness kicks in.

No walk today… I’m usually out all weathers but not today!

So the only photos today are of the odd Seagull landing on chimneys and roof tops.

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