Diary – Weekend is here again!

Friday 15th January 2021

Day 11 of Lockdown

My morning started at 4 am, as I was woken with the pain in my back.

I didn’t do to bad last night with sleep…I got a good eight hours, as I was in bed at 8.30pm.

I go into the craft room and Toby follows me which is a surprise, he normally stays asleep in his bed, but this morning he must’ve wanted to be near me.

I finish the painting off which I started last week and also start on another.

8am Me the dogs and camera set off for the beach. It is soooo slippery underfoot… I just keep saying all the way to the beach is slowly, slowly…as the dogs are pulling on their leads. We arrive at the beach the odd slippery skid but in one piece and stayed upright! It is soo cold…biting and nipping into my face. As we head off home the fog is starting to roll in.

Home and a hot chocolate to warm myself up

When I leave the house to go into the craft room the fog has descended…it’s freezing fog! Not going back out again today far to slippery and no thaw insight.

So I’m going to embroider a few teddy bears tops…it is working progress as i am certainty not as quick as I used to be. To be realistic I am sticking to a few a day so I can concentrate and no mistakes are made.

When we had our business Bears4u I was producing 30 – 40 bears a day some days and these bears all had to be gift wrapped and packaged. Definitely a difference in production times now my sidekick Alzheimer’s is in charge …or thinks he / she is!

I manage another watercolour, something a little different to leaves

Time to chill as my back is giving me some grief again!

Saturday 16th January 2021

Day 12 of Lockdown

These weekends seem to come around so quickly…doesn’t seem two minutes ago since the last one!

Well back to the wet miserable rain…now I’m getting fed up as I can’t get out with my camera! Looks like another soggy dog walk.

The back pain continues, if I’m stood I’m ok…if I’m laid flat I’m ok…sitting ouch! Ouch! So uncomfortable and I have no idea what I have done

I finish a couple more watercolour painting

Paintings never turn out the same they are always different

The day brightens and we eventually get out with the camera in the afternoon

At the moment its all crafting, and the camera…both are giving me plenty of enjoyment and keeping me occupied.

Sunday 17th January 2021

Day 13 of Lockdown

We are out and about trying to catch the sunrise

No the clouds came in!

I still got some great photos, far too many to share, so here are just a few

I have found that while I am focusing on capturing the photo, I actually stop breathing!

Then once I have taken the photo… I breath again.

This is most strange, as I feel as though I am going to hyperventilate.

Photos taken from the nature reserve in Fleetwood


I don’t think I am going to have much time for zooming…This Camera is becoming quite addictive !

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