Diary – Muddled

Monday 18th January 2021

Day 14 of Lockdown

Last night I went for my shower as I always do every night around 6.30 – 7pm

Just Part of my normal routine…so you would think that there wouldn’t be any problems or issues.

I have showered in shampoo before today, confused as the bottles where the same colour…it wasn’t until the aroma of coconut started to enter my nostrils that I realised…This smell was definitely not my shower gel!

Tonight I got the right shower gel, but when I started to get dressed in what should have been my night clothes…I proceeded to dress in the clothes I had already taken off!

Just love my sidekick!


Me, Hubby and the dogs are out and about before 9am this morning, didn’t take my camera as it wasn’t very good light and I was busy searching for a nice piece of driftwood for a project.

Once we had done our beach walk, we then decided to go and look at the ducks and have a walk through The Towers as it’s called…just a small woodland area near to where we live. I just wanted to take photos of something different.

I was so surprised when we heard what I thought could have been a woodpecker….I pointed my camera as hubby gestured where the noise was coming from and there he was The Great Spotted Woodpecker ❤️

Excitement! Wow! Wow! I am so loving my camera ❤️

I have been getting in a muddle lately with my diary, think I could do with a personal assistant!

I don’t know what it is with me and all the muddling at the moment. This is a pretty recent thing that has just started to happen. I don’t think I have got back into my routine since Christmas…well I am hoping that is all it is!

Me and my diary are having crossed wires! A lot of crossed wires!!

Hubby had to sort things out this morning when I got an email, as I was all muddled with dates and times. Never mind it’s not the end of the world! Hubby sorted me out!

Zoomettes tonight and I got my timing all wrong, so I was late joining…glad I did join though as we did have a jolly good laugh!

My bladder couldn’t take anymore laughter! So I had to leave! 🤣😂

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