Diary – On Autopilot

Tuesday 18th January 2021

Day 15 of Lockdown

Sleep didn’t happen last night I think I managed to get 2 to 3 hours in total… I was in the craft room for most of the night wide-awake.

I tried a different leaf ( only in early stages as yet)

The rain is back with a vengeance

We have been given a flood warning in our area and the rain just comes down…it’s relentless and I have to go out to collect my new glasses.

Roads and gardens in the area are now extremely water logged so flooding will be a problem for some people in the area

We put better drainage in our garden when we landscaped the other year, so our garden is water free.

Today I’m on autopilot, so I am only doing what I have to do today.

I’ll most probably collapse in a heap later.

As the day goes on my head gets a little fuzzy, could be because of the tiredness kicking in…or it could just be my dementia…who knows.

When I get the fuzzy feeling it’s as if my head is not actually attached to me if that makes any sense it’s quite a strange feeling. Today is a mild fuzz so I can cope with that… I try and carry on but always find it difficult to concentrate.

I do sometimes make things worse, as I don’t know when to stop and do struggle with just relaxing.

I speak with Ron late morning Ron…great to have a catch-up

I call my Mum after lunch ( Mum and Dad ok )

It’s been a catch-up kind of a day! Well it stops me from rushing round…not that I have the energy to rush around today.

Well I certainly can’t get outside with my camera today, the weather has no signs of clearing…it’s awful !

I take a few photos inside the house.

Charlie Dog a chilling!

Saw all these little birds all holding on so tight on the telephone wires ( over the roof tops)

The wind blew and the rain came down.

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