Diary – Deep Hug

Wednesday 20th January

Day 16 of Lockdown

Another day in lockdown

Strange times we live in at the moment and what really gets to me is when you see and hear of people visiting others!

I would love is to be able to sit with my family, have a brew and a natter…hold them for that hug…the one I have longed for…for such a long time now.

The one thats been so long ago that I can’t remember what it’s like to feel their arms wrapping tightly around my body…the warmth…the security…the love.

As I write I have a tear in my eye as I miss them so much, I bet I can count on one hand how many times I have seen my parents…children and grandchildren in the lockdown months and on those occasions we didn’t hug! We couldn’t! Restrictions!

Winter seems to be making the restrictions so much harder, especially waking to the dark morning, where I can’t just take off for an early walk on the beach. I have to wait! I am constantly looking out of the window checking to see if it’s light enough to be able to venture out…watching the clock as the hands of time move so slowly. Then as soon as I can see a bit of lightness I reach for my coat and I’m off!

Then when I’m out, the time passes so quickly and I don’t want it to end…but I can’t stay out all day as I may need the toilet!!

So today I carry on doing what WE have ALL been told to do.

Today it feels so much harder!

Today I take myself off with my camera to forget about the Covid world and focus on the wildlife…whom are all enjoying their time of togetherness.

Then the rain came down and me and camera was rained off.

So I wander back feeling refreshed by the rain on my face and also a little disappointed I could not spend longer snapping away with my camera.

The rain gets all to much for this little Coot

This little tree sparrow came to say hello as the rain came down

The fog rolled in making everything hazy

Cheeky Magpie on his own playing hide ‘n’ seek in and out of the bushes

I think I could have done with an underwater camera today, cause when the rain started it certainly came down!

I splash my way home!

I have an early lunch today as I am joining the facilitators zoom meeting as a guest today.

A few weeks ago I embroidered some teddy bears.

This little project was something I just could not refuse…Wooo working with bears ❤️

The money for the bears was very kindly donated by Rachel Niblock’s Mum.

All nominations where emailed through to Rachel and today I was honoured to actually draw 6 nominations who will receive a deep hug bear. I really wish I could have fulfill every nomination with a bear as lots of us need a hug right now

I so enjoy producing the bears in my own time ( definitely wouldn’t have earned my bonus on piece work ha! ha! ).

Definitely gave me a purpose though and brought back lots of busy, happy memories of Bears4u.

One thing I do know is…I definitely couldn’t produce bears like I used to! Good job there was no rush for these bears!

I was a little emotional after the meeting as I had held my emotions in…as Chris M, Dori, Chris N, George and Rachel gave me some wonderful praises about how I have helped people with my crafting and how much I have encouraged others.

I am not very good at taking praise as I don’t do anything for recognition…I do it to help others…that’s just how I am.

I’m just Me!

I’m just Gail!

One thought on “Diary – Deep Hug

  1. Gail, as usual you have quickly learned your new photography craft. Great pictures.
    re praise, I understand, and find it difficult to hear as well. I guess, like me, yo7 do things for others just because you can, and it makes you feel good. Not because you want praise. It just feels warm and worthwhile inside to know that someone else is smiling because of what you have given them. So keep at it. With the the odd tear away from the camera…


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