Diary – Podcast

Thursday 21st January 2021

Day 17 of Lockdown

I have a bad night as my head won’t shut down so up I get and go to the computer to finish of a couple of things I have been working on.

At around 3am i decide to go back to bed…creeping around the house trying not to disturb hubby or the dogs. I usually go into the craft room but the wind is getting up outside and it’s a little scary to be wandering to the bottom of the garden, so I stay in the house as I feel safer.

I wake again at 7.20 am the rain is pelting against the windows… I have to go out in this as its food shop morning!

I’m tired today…no energy…everything seems hard work. Getting dressed seems difficult this morning.

I’m out shopping a little later than usual and I know that my head is not quiet with me…it’s as if I have a piece missing today.

I go into M&S but can’t work out what I’m buying, I look at my list but it doesn’t register with my brain so now I’m trying to figure out what we normally eat and on what day…don’t know if I need it or not…but that’s how it’s going this morning.

I finish and wander up the Main Street I know I have something else to do but can’t figure out what, can’t find my list ! I give in and head back to the car.

9.30 ish I’m home, wash my hands and just sit in the kitchen. I turn the tv down as the noise is irritating me and before I know it it’s 10.40am, what has just happened where did that hour go? All the shopping still in the bags in the hallway!

I put the shopping away and tidy round the house.

The weather is still wet and very windy so I think a walk this morning is out of the question.

I do a couple of deep hug bears…if I do a couple each day I will be finished in no time…well that’s my plan!

I have a FaceTime with my daughter after lunch. Lovely to see my grandsons …would be so much better if I could see them face to face! So hard when for nearly 12 months we have not had the grandchildren for a sleepover. It would be so nice just to give them a break. So many families can’t support each other because of the lockdown and I just can’t see the end which is so frustrating.

Late afternoon…hurray I’m out with hubby, Toby and camera

This little lone Oyster Catcher wandering down the beach

Very stormy sky

Toby checking out the beach, keeping watch!

Mary’s Shell

Home and I receive an email from Ron to say Podcast now live…woo exciting

It’s been a busy few months with all sorts of projects materialising.

Another proud moment thank you to Ron and Karen for all their hard work and for making this happen.

To finish off my day, I take my first successful photo of the moon

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