Diary – Rained Off!

Monday 3rd May 2021

After I had eaten last night I felt the urge to go to the Nature Reserve, I normally don’t walk later in the day as I am becoming too tired, but tonight I just felt the need to be outdoors again with nature

Me and Toby set off with camera in hand and when we arrive, I was surprised to find how quiet it was. I head off in direction of the Grebe family listening to the birds in the distant trees singing as we walk. Wow the baby Grebes are getting so big now, one of them is sat next to Mum while the smaller one is still under her wing.

The Grebe Family ❤️

It is so hard to get the focus right as the sun is glaring in my eyes which is making photography very difficult indeed. I stay for a while snapping away but the sun in now hurting my eyes so we set off for a walk round pond 2 to give my eyes a rest.

The Coot Chicks in the nest
Swans Nesting

We pass the Coot chicks all chirping away at Mum. Mr and Mrs Swan tending to their nest, but I can’t quite see if there are any eggs. We come off the bridge to the second pond, I walk around so that the sun is at the back of me, wow it makes the water look so blue

The Swan poses for the photo shoot, which I am very great full for

We stay a while offering food and just watching. A little Pied Waggtail lands on the nearby rocks, woo I think I captured one of these this morning at the park. I hadn’t captured one of these birds until today. It is very exciting when I spot and capture a new bird

Pied Waggtail

Then the family from hell arrive, children running up to the birds screaming ….they are now scaring all the ducks, geese and swans. All the little birds have flown…time for me to do the same. Not without a good bye to the Grebe Family

Mum with her Grebette’s

I had a restless nights sleep last night so I slept in the spare room as not to disturb hubby. It’s very grey outdoors, fine but grey. I think I need to walk the dogs earlier rather than later, rain has been forecast, lots of rain…Well it is Bank Holiday!

It’s a Grey Start

There looks to be a bit of activity this morning on the Star Wars film set

I don’t hang around as it’s just started to rain and nothing of great interest…well it’s not for me. Others are so excited that Star Wars are to be filming in Cleveleys. I don’t think there will be much filming going on today as the rain came in just before lunch and is now torrential!

Looks like it is a catch up on paperwork / blog day.

After we had finished our tea / evening meal the rain has subsided, me and hubby walk up to the beach, it’s good to get out even if just for a short time. I hate being stuck indoors all day. It was very blustery and the sea looked very angry, definitely blew some cobwebs away.

Lots of little Turnstones

I don’t think the film crew realised just how blustery it can be on the Fylde Coast as all the blackout barriers where no longer blackout and all the palm trees where no longer standing

So Star Wars looks like it’s been through a hurricane!

One thought on “Diary – Rained Off!

  1. Hi Gail great photos. You were lucky to see star wars being made. I always look forward to your blog. I enjoy reading what you have done. And your photos which goes with what you are writing about. Take care Michelle, (Shelly) XX


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