Diary – Weekend, Sun, walks and crafts

Friday 16th July 2021

Before I go to bed, I spot the moon shining so bright, not seen Mr Moon for such along time, so camera out and capture a few photos

Terrible nights sleep, again so fidgety, it is like I don’t want to relax, I just want to move, yet so tired. Don’t know what this is all about!

Just after 7am destination Nature Reserve, nice and quiet, only the birds making any sound this morning, apart from when we walk on the gravel pathway and you can here a crunch underfoot.

It’s a little foggy over the Wyre Estuary, which adds a certain eeriness

Misty Morning

Plenty of little birds darting in and out of the bushes and long grasses, a little to quick for me! I keep telling them to slow down, but they are not listening!

We walk further round, you can feel the morning getting warmer and warmer, I think Toby feels it too as he now has his long pink tongue hanging from the side of his mouth.

Overlooking the Estuary is Hillhouse Tech Enterprise, it’s the world headquarters of Victrex PLC who make polymers, AGC Chemicals and others.

In 1890 the Fleetwood salt company was based at this site as they had discovered millions of tons of rock salt at Preesall under the countyside Over Wyre.

We carry on with our walk over to the duck pond, most still sleeping until they realise it’s me and I have breakfast

Not long before they are squabbling over food!

I’m not hanging around this morning as I need to go into Blackpool. I cannot remember the last time I went on a tram, never mind go into Blackpool. Must have been before the first big lockdown!

I miss the first tram as I got my timings all wrong. I always was on time for everything before I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, this is one thing that has definitely changed over the last few months…time keeping…what time keeping!

On the tram it’s not too bad, everyone has a mask on and not too busy, so all good. Then we reach the Norbrek Hotel and people just pile on, now like sardines and not everyone has a mask on. It’s no good restricting the seating if you are going to have people standing over you…that just defeats the object of a safe space!

I talk to my daughter on my phone for most of the way, which is a very welcome distraction, but not a good news phone call, one of our grandsons has Covid! Good grief what is it at the moment with our family! I keep telling myself it’s just a bad run and things can only get better!

I arrive in Blackpool around 9.20am so pretty quiet. Camera straight out of my bag, off I go clicking away.

Blackpool Tower

I have a quick wander onto the prom, I don’t walk very far as I have already done my morning walk and knowing me I will over do things, then have to struggle back to the tram stop.

I don’t stay too long in Blackpool, just long enough to get the things I need and return home to the piece and quiet of my garden.

Well I feel like I have achieved something today…I braved public transport!

Time to chill in the garden for the rest of the day.

After tea me and hubby have a lovely walk on Fleetwood Prom, it was such a beautiful evening we couldn’t resist.

It gave me that holiday feeling…when you have eaten your evening meal then go for a stroll in the evening sun. The heat of the day cooling but only slightly, we could still feel the warmth on our backs as we walked slowly on the prom, taking in the views, watching families play on the beach, enjoying their beach huts, laughter and enjoyment filled the air, just a real summery holiday feel to the evening.

We walked back through the park which backs on to the prom, what a wonderful sight, blue and white sheets all hanging like flags, blowing in the breeze. Smaller coloured flags with messages on.

All the blue and and white flags are made from hospital bed sheets, a tribute to the NHS and all those who have lost their lives in the Covid-19 pandemic. The artist whom created, was Luke Jerram.There is also a smaller area filled with small flags with written messages/thoughts from the Fleetwood residents.
White signifying what they have lost as the result of the pandemic,
Orange showing their gains
Yellow their hopes for the future.
The messages are so beautiful, some so moving.

Me videoing, while hubby takes a photo

What a beautiful evening.

Diary – A Sketching kinda afternoon

Saturday 17th July 2021

Woodland Walk

It looks like another hot day, so out for an early walk with Toby before it gets to hot for dogs and me! I have a zoom at 11am so trying to get most of my jobs out of the way before I join.

After my zoom meeting, I sketch a little. I received a very colourful gift in the post last week. Which was such a surprise, out of the blue, very excited to try these wonderful colours.

Because the colour are so bright and colourful, they have inspired me to try something different

I thought a skater boy would be hip hop, bright. Listening to music. I think the bright colours makes it youthful and bright, gives the sketch another dimension. It’s just different and fun! So now I’m playing around with these colourful vibrant wands of magic 😊

My afternoon has been taking it easy sketching, oh and I nearly forgot here is the 4 Amigos latest film. We finally met again after a few weeks apart to record our latest film on Annual Dementia Reviews …What are those? Never even heard of a Dementia Review!

Diary – Another Hot One!

Sunday 18th July 2021

Yesterday afternoon until the evening apparently part of our prom was closed, we had seen and heard the police helicopter, then the coast guard for hours circling around the coast line, sweeping the area. So we knew something had happened.

Police helicopter
Coast Guard

Then we saw the sad news that a person was missing.

The sea is so treacherous, even when looking calm and inviting. Living so close to the sea we hear of so many sad outcomes.

The tide comes in so quickly, never comes in straight, it always curves around the back of you. Leaving you stranded on a small island of sand until eventually you have no option but to wade through the tidal water with the strong currents pulling you away.

If you are visiting beaches please be aware of the tide time.

After a rubbish nights sleep I’m off later than usual to the beach, as we are later the beach is now busier

The beach also has other visitors today…the jellyfish!


From small ones to extremely large ones, Lions Mane & Blue (Scientific name: Cyanea lamarckii)

Something different to photograph!

Home, sort my jobs and then melt in the sun…I think it will be melt in the shade today!

BBQ to end the day and a lovely sunny weekend

One thought on “Diary – Weekend, Sun, walks and crafts

  1. Such a lovely, interesting blog Gail, thank you for sharing your adventures – the pictures are stunning. Hope you have a good week, bx


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