Diary – A visit to the Zoo

Monday 18th July 2021

A great nights sleep, wow only waking once and straight back to sleep. It’s a beautiful sunny morning with a very clear blue sky, the birds are chirping away at the bird feeder so loud I can hear them all the way into our house.

Me and Toby are off to the Nature Reserve this morning for our walk. It is so warm and it’s only 7.10am, I think my little black four legged friend is struggling with the heat today as he is very lethargic as we walk.

Boy it’s gonna be a hot one today!

Nature Reserve

I have decided to risk the zoo this morning as I haven’t been for 2 weeks. Mondays is the zoo’s quietest day of the week. As I pull up in the car there is already a cue to get in. Once through the gates I now know where’s a good place to start …the last bit of the zoo is first for me! Everyone always starts at the beginning of the zoo and works there way round to the end. So I make my way to the last animal enclosures to work backwards…no one around! …Heaven!

After 90 minutes, the crowds are now building, this is where I loose concentration and start getting agitated. The background noise grows…people/children cut in front, pushing to get to the viewing points, time for me to exit. I have captured some photos, maybe of not every anima, does it matter? No because there is always another day!

I’m seriously melting today in this heat, inside or outside is just hot, hot, hot. No escaping the heat today!

I have been crafting on and off for the last few days, a few more Christmas cards made. This time i have added a spinning snowflake.

I have also been painting some tiny watercolours to use within my card making ( you can see how small these paintings are as I have added a 50pence in the photo so you can see the actual size)

Tiny watercolour painting

As the afternoon wears on the heat is taking its toll and leaves me feeling exhausted!

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