Diary – A day at home cutting the dogs

Tuesday 20th July 2021

Only a short blog today as my day has been spent at home, far too busy out and about, it’s crazy!

Oh my goodness it just gets warmer!

I’m out for a beach walk with Toby and Charlie this morning, what did I forget…My camera and my phone!

My morning job is to cut the dogs, it does take me quite a while now to complete, I get there eventually. This is one job I don’t know how long I will be able to carry on doing…it just takes me so long

Toby – Before and After
Charlie – Before and After

So that’s my morning gone! 4 hours of cutting and shaving, hair everywhere. It’s great the weather is so nice so I can use the outdoor space to create the hairy mess.

After the dogs hair cuts, i am full of dog hair! It just gets everywhere! A shower is needed to clean up, stop the itching from all the hair and also help me cool down!

Feeling tired, I have lunch then chill for a while, under the shade of the garden brolly.

A little gardening later, but it’s far to warm to complete, so back resting.

My daughter messaged to confirm she has tested positive for Covid and feels rubbish. So that’s 1 grandson and 1 daughter within a matter of days with Covid. Symptoms headache, bodily aches, coughing and generally feeling unwell, also my other grandson has tested positive but is symptom free. So that’s everyone positive for Covid in their household, all with different or no symptoms.

This is so tough as no one can help out as they are all in isolation, even though she is feeling so poorly, she has to look after herself and her boys!

With Covid restrictions lifted this is a worrying time, as this disease is still spreading and numbers are definitely on the increase.

Our local newspaper headline yesterday…Blackpool records 197 new Covid cases in 24 hours as England lifts most restrictions.

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