Diary – Just one of those days!

Monday 26th July 2021

As the Covid virus sweeps across our local area, temporarily closing some of our local pubs, shops and vets because of the rise in Covid cases, I do not know how they can say the numbers are dropping!

232 new cases was recorded in Blackpool last week, local businesses are now struggling with staffing levels as more and more tourists visit our area, this virus is definitely still out there! Take care!

I had decided on a different beach walk this morning, I just really needed a change of scenery.

Out for my morning walk …I just knew it was gonna be one of those days when I got out of bed this morning! I’m feeling really tense and can’t think why. It could be that my routine is still out of sinc…could be the lack of sleep or it could be hayfever making me feel groggy.

Another factor was Charlie dog wouldn’t do as he was told on our beach walk this morning so that got me off to a bad start. My leisurely morning walk, wasn’t so leisurely!

At last some different sea birds, I spot some little Turnstones on the rocks

Oh and a pigeon…now we don’t see many of those on the beach!

Back home, I realise I haven’t booked my place at the zoo. When I go to check in online…No all booked up for today! I can go after 2.30pm without booking, but it’s just far too busy for me then. I’m a little disappointed, but there is nothing I can do, I will just have to wait till next week.

I go back onto the Zoo’s booking page and book next weeks place. I now know I can definitely go next week 😊

I’m now having one of those days where I’m doing things, but nothing is going to plan.

I’m in the craft room trying to finishing off a project, which is muddling me slightly. I keep trying to get my video working, I need it to record my hands so people can see how to make the game. It’s been a while so the positioning of my iPad is causing me one or two problems.

Eventually! Yes ! Cracked it!

Video done! Now I have a major problem with YouTube can’t seem to upload my video! I’m now growling under my breath.

After a few hours of perseverance, at last video uploaded, I can now finish writing up my blog

I have been working on a game you can make with children or adults, that would be fun and also look nice.

I have called it Bee’s and Ladybugs…It’s just Naughts and crosses but with painted pebbles

Bee’s and Ladybugs

You can see how to make this game with the link below, hope it works

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