Diary – A day of sorting and cleaning

Tuesday 27th July 2021

Yesterday our little Close was left shocked to hear the sad news that one of our neighbours had passed away in her home. This news was so unexpected. No illness. It has just been a total shock to all…So very sad.

Goldfinches…lots of!

This morning I had a leisurely walk at the Nature Reserve, a nice calm walk, watching all the little Goldfinches play, I have never seen so many all in one place. Then a model aircraft is launched, so off they fly into the surrounding trees and bushes

Model Aircraft

I was walking at the reserve one day last week… the Model Aircraft Club is situated at the edge of the reserve. There was a meeting, so lots of people all flying all different kinds of model planes. From a distance I could see all the seagulls circling, making such a racket. Wow! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing a large bird of prey…I zoom in with my camera frantically trying to get a good shot

What a fool I felt when I realised it was a model aircraft that looks like a Hawk!

Apparently these are used to scare off the birds so they have a clear area for flying.

I did laugh when I realised what it was!

Today I spot something totally different…It’s Freddie the Frog or is it Tommy the Toad? I really don’t know. He sat so very proud having his photo taken, he even looked like he was smiling for the camera ❤️

Back home from my walk, a cup of tea to return too, check through my mornings photos before starting any jobs.

This morning has been spent cleaning the outside of the house as all the brickwork on the new extension is nearly complete.

Well that passed the morning!

After lunch it’s time to write some of my blog and tidy out just a few of the kitchen cupboards. I thought that if I started to go through the cupboards sooner rather than later, Possibly won’t seem as bad when the time comes to empty completely.

So that’s been my day today…a day of sorting and cleaning.

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