Diary – Tired Today

Wednesday 27th July 2021

Today I’m tired most probably did too much cleaning and sorting yesterday, I do sometimes forget that the simplest of things can take it out of me if done in excess.

I think most people do, including myself!

We forget that dementia interferes with daily living, in fact dementia interferes with lots of things.

I have noticed now that some days I just feel completely exhausted! Which is a big change for me.

I can tell I am tired today, even a simple task of making a cup of tea gets me muddled. I opening all the cupboards to find the cups, sighing and grunting to myself under my breath as I open the wrong cupboard doors. Then I put the wrong things into the cups.

So today even though I have told myself I am having an easy day, I find myself in front of my computer, tip taping away, pieces of work that need completing, also going through the many thousands of photographs that are building up, which I keep trying to decide which to delete and which to keep.

When I started this task of sorting through my photos a few weeks ago I did not realise

1. It would take me so long

2. How hard it would be deciding what to keep and what to delete…decisions…decisions!

As I scroll through the 20+ thousand photos. I eventually get the figure down to 17,265. which takes me to the beginning of April of this year…Only 4 more months to scroll through, which is quite a substantial amount of photos.

These will have to wait for another day as I have spent most of my morning on the computer. Time to give my eyes a rest before a headache kicks in.

I have lunch, then make some fresh lemonade .

Fresh Lemonade

I am waiting to go for a short walk, but we keep having the odd shower. Now waiting patiently for the shower to pass.

Eventually mid afternoon I’m out and about having a quiet but short walk in the woods, just me, Toby, camera and nature.

In to the woods we go

Just that 45 minute of calmness…The tweeting of birds, the quacking of the ducks, the rustling of the trees as the wind blows through the leaves. Just idyllic.

Back home I spend another hour at the computer before calling it a day.

I have now reached June and deleted 3,398 photos…well at least I have deleted a few thousand! Won’t be long before I’m back up to 20,000 again🤣

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