Diary – Positivity

Thursday 29th July 2021

I woke around 3am I think it was, unable to get back to sleep, I look out the bedroom window and see the beautiful bright moon, every now and then it disappears behind a cloud…almost like playing hide ‘n’ seek with me.

As I look at the moon, to the right is a very bright star…or is it a planet? I have no idea which it is but I try to take a photo anyway.

Is this a star or a plant

Think I need a better camera! Ha! Ha!

Over the last few weeks I have done quite a bit of reading, not for myself. Yet again I have found myself saying yes to something, thinking It would possibly be a leisurely task.

I think I was either misinformed or I didn’t quite understand the work involved. Not wanting to back out of the task, I carried on regardless.

Once again I find myself muddling through, reading for what I thought was going to be a couple of days actually turned into weeks. This was hard graft for my head to take, leaving me with headaches from the eye concentration, also emotional from what I am reading. So much sadness and negativity, bringing my mood down, putting me in a sad place, making me think this I what I could be like in years to come, will my family be complaining about looking after me?

I found the work to be mentally and physically exhausting !

I am so fed up of reading, watching/seeing advertisements, just hearing negative things around dementia.

I just want to concentrate on the positives! The here and Now!

I’m 56 years old, I know what my outcome will be…We all do! With or without dementia!

So let’s enjoy our life. Look and you Will finds lots of positives!

Yesterday I felt exhausted…I could have moaned and groaned about how I was feeling, I could have sat in a chair all day! No I carried on doing less energetic tasks, going through photos…my wonderful memories of places I have visited, nature, the birds, my walks around parks, woodlands, beaches. All local I might add. The surprising thing is, all the photos are from the same places, all so different. The views, lighting, nature, it just changes every single day. Just so Magical!

I was so glad to have been exhausted…otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the time looking through my wonderful memories.

Today…Wow it’s windy, no beach walk or we will be sandblasted! Just a walk on the prom. A short walk today!

A very windy Prom Walk

The wind has even snapped the chain on my hanging baskets, my own fault for not taking them down. I just wasn’t expecting it to be so windy. What a difference in the weather and temperature over the last 24 hours, it’s crazy!

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