Diary – Doctors Receptionist

Friday 30th July 2021

I wake to rain! A very grey and misty outlook today!

I am hoping for some brightness or just a fine spell so I can get out with my camera. I have run out of new photos to share.

My weather app says a possible break in the rain mid morning, so fingers crossed. I think it will be wellies and a rain coat day today, that’s for sure!

I’m out at the Nature Reserve around 10am, dressed for winter almost…rain coat and wellies, definitely no shorts today!

Raindrops on the grass

The long grass is covered in raindrops all glistening like diamonds.

Over the Estuary

The outlook is grey, but when you look around and the little birds flitting from bushes, trees and grasses there is no grey! These little birds make the day so much brighter, they bring such a calmness as I enter into another world…the world of wonderful nature.

Such Beauty

If I had a chair, I think I could sit here all day just watching the birds playing, as they swoop around looking so playful and spritely

Canadian Geese

As I stand, I can hear the wings of the two Canadian Geese flying overhead…swoosh…swoosh as they flap in near perfect time.

Off we walk towards the duck pond where I can see a couple stood on the bridge throwing large pieces of bread! Why do people throw big chunks of bread?

This only attracts lots of gulls! Causing fights and injuries, plus it’s not good for the ducks.

I spot the baby Grebette, whom is definitely not a baby any more. Wow such a beautiful Grebe ❤️

Beautiful Grebe ❤️

I have watched these beautiful birds hatch and grow,

It has been amazing to watch. I am quite obsessed with these beautiful birds. They work so hard to feed and protect their young and yet so shy. Keeping away from visitors to the pond, not like the ducks that can’t wait to get close for food.

Late afternoon I remembered I had phoned the doctor earlier in the week and had not received a response.

When I rang Monday for a prescription for my psoriasis ointment they told me it was not on repeat so they would have to ask the doctor to authorise, so they would have to get back to me.

Totally forgetting until today when I had no ointment left, I called the doctors surgery. This was not easy task to get through to reception, I was in a queuing system for ages.

20 minutes later i am speaking with the receptionist or should I say, she was doing all the speaking!

Wow! I couldn’t get a word in, after she had interrupted my speaking I don’t know how many times, my head muddled and in a wiz from her speech speed, I interrupted abruptly!

Please will you let me speak! I have dementia and you are speaking far to fast for me to understand! You are just muddling me!

She slowed her speech down, without an apology went on to inform me the prescription had been sent through to Morrison’s pharmacy on the 29th July.

How was I to know! I wasn’t informed! (Whoops my crystal ball must not be working)

Why Morrison’s pharmacy I asked?

Her reply “ that was your request “

That was not my request! I didn’t even know my prescription had been authorised. Not wanting to pursue or confront, I just accepted.

I then asked to see my GP …no still no face to face appointments!!

If the cases of Covid are reducing as quickly as the government say. Why on earth are we not having face to face consultations with our GP’s?

A telephone consultation was made for 10 days time, this was the earliest appointment

Diary – Hide ‘n’ Seek

Saturday 31st July 2021

Today hubby is out of isolation and back to work. My route can hopefully start to get back on track again. I find it so difficult at times as I am used to being on my own through the day…just muddling along in my own little world with no one else to think about only me.

I have found it quite difficult as I am consciously watching the clock as to when I should be making a brew, making lunch, or even what to make for lunch.

It is so easy when I’m on my your own as there is only me to worry about. I can eat and drink when I feel like it.

I baked a chocolate cake early this morning.

Chocolate Cake

Then my job for today was to fit some bathroom flooring.

I really have to concentrate now when I’m doing anything, its things like where have I put my pen or my scissors…It’s just like a game of hide n seek! Most times my Sidekick wins!

It takes me twice as long to do anything, I’m either looking for something or I’m going around in circles getting distracted and forgetting what I am supposed to be doing.

The main thing is I’m still trying. Some things are getting more difficult. I suppose the easy route would be just to give in. No not Me!

Did I manage to fit the flooring?

Yes I did! Took me quite along time, but does time matter? No!

Late afternoon I thought I would fill the Chocolate Cake with fresh cream…guess what…I opened the fridge door, no cream, well I had but I had bought the wrong type so it couldn’t be whipped! Grrrrr. Now that means I will have to go to town! Grrrrr

20 mins later I’m back with correct cream for whipping.

Fresh Cream Chocolate Cake

I have had a funny day with my sidekick today…hide n seek for most of the day! Sidekick has kept me busy!

Well that’s it for me today! It will be feet up nice cup of tea and a piece of cake!

Diary – A New Month

Sunday 1st August 2021

Wow it’s August! Where is time going? It seem to fly by these days.

This morning me, hubby and the dogs are out for our early morning walk on the beach. Nice and quiet this morning.

We find a large puddle for the dogs to play, they just love it when we throw a pebble into the water, the splash of water is such an attraction. Bobbing for the pebble and finding it, is even better, it’s super exciting for them.

Charlie is in his element, even with no teeth he picks up the pebbles

Toby on the other hand is more energetic, running through the water, jumping to try and catch the pebble before it hits the water.

Both dogs are shattered when we return home, not surprising!

Hubby back building, I clean the windows as the heavy rain and wind over the last few days has left a lovely sandy film over the glass.

As the day goes on, the sun is shining. Now I’m itching to go for another walk. Off I go with Toby and camera.

I’m walking on the prom, just walking and taking photos of anything really, the odd bike

Seagulls as they soar past me. They are riding the wind, just letting the breeze carry them to conserve their energy. What a view they must have!

The prom is very busy, with holiday makers, day trippers and of course us locals just out for a leisurely walk.

I walk and walk and before I know it I’m at the Norbrek Castle. The Norbrek was built in 1869 as a county Manor House. In 1952 the hotel was opened, fully refurbished, It included 400 rooms, five tennis courts, bowling green, ballroom and two cocktail bars. The name was then changed the name to the Norbreck Castle.

I now realise I’m a little tired, my feet and legs are aching. I turn to head off back towards home but I only make it to Anchorsholme, which is still another 1.5 miles from where I live.

Hubby to the rescue, thank god for mobile phones!

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