Diary – Full packed day

Thursday 16th September 2021

Just after midnight and my brain won’t shut down…I think all the excitement which should have tired me out has had the opposite effect…my head has gone in to busy mode.Can’t quite get my head around the strange surroundings, I’m in and out of bed, looking out the windows.

I watch a torch light shining outside in the gardens, I’m inquisitive so I keep watching, security just doing his rounds I think.

It’s so quiet, not a seagull call to be heard, which is very strange as I have the sounds of seagulls at home. Just the traffic noise here which is something I’m not used too.

I finally get to sleep around 1am well that was the last time I looked at my watch. Awake again at 5.07am

I try to go back to sleep but no! So I get up and get dressed

7am I am having a wander around the beautiful grounds with my camera…brain and camera are not working in sync today, I do however manage some photos of the misty carpet across the grass

Carpet of mist

The sunlight just peering through the trees

Ray of light

The sunshine’s though the trees and bushes and is just so beautiful, it looks like it’s decorated with tiny fairy light, to compliment the red berries

We all have breakfast and then head off to the meeting room…a new day begins.

Another full on day which I have really enjoyed…but boy I’m tired

Night Night!

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