Diary – Bank Holiday Gardening

Monday 9th May 2022

It was a very grey day for Bank Holiday Monday the 2nd May, fortunately we did escape the rain.

Me and Toby out and about first thing. This photo was taken at the Nature Reserve at 6.30am

A very soggy looking dandelion.

The birds where quiet this morning only a few little birds around

As I reach the pond I notice the swans are back, they have been missing since their nest was abandoned, so it was good to see them both.

The Grebes where busy with their youngsters, it was so difficult to capture a clear photo, due to the fact they have been spending lots of time right at the back of the pond. Which is some distance away.

After 90 minutes we return home to start on some gardening.

I have planned today to start making up our hanging baskets. I have quite a few to put together.

I start around 10am having a break for lunch.

I can not believe how long it is taking me this year. I struggled to remember if I had mixed in the slow release food and water retaining gel. In the end I made a big bucket of compost mixed with gel and food to make things easier…Don’t know why I didn’t do that to start with!

The next thing was rembering which basket was going where, I don’t want to risk hanging them out just yet because we have had a few mornings with some ground frost

I make labels and put in each basket, so now I know where each basket will be hung in our garden…I am a bit of a coordination freak!

Most of the baskets done, which is a good job as I have no room left in my little greenhouse.

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