Diary – Disappointed

Tuesday 10th May 2022

I have had some really rubbish head days over the past week or so. Unusual for my head to feel so fuzzy for this length of time.

I normally try and carry on the best I can, sometimes I not do myself any favours pushing on through the foggy. I know I should be kinder to myself and relax more, but that’s just not me!

This time the fog has seemed different, it has been lasting much longer. It has been thicker, heavier making my balance wonky, concentration nil and unable to think straight, the worst feeling for me is the nausea.

Foggy head mornings have been the worst.

Mornings are usually the my best part of my day.

The foggy fuzz has been hanging around far to long for my liking, disrupting my plans to travel to Pontefract to the Dementia Campaign Celebration, for Yorkshire Ambulance Service

I was so honoured to be asked to produce a couple of sketches for the campaign

The first one i tried to capture the negativity, leaving my art work just grey and dull.

Then come the change towards a more positive approach, bringing back brightness.

I was absolutely gutted I couldn’t be with everyone for their celebrations.

Laura from Yorkshire Ambulance did however send me some photos of my art work, which was on display at the event. She also thanked me for creating these thought provoking sketches for the dementia friendly campaign, for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Even though I was disappointed not to attend it was the right decision to cancel as I wake Thursday 5th May to yet another fuzzy head! I’m feeling so deflated by all the bad head days I have been having.

Looks like it’s a quiet day for me.

Later in the day as the fog is lifting, I potter about working on the fairy house, I started last week.

I have just to add some moss around the top and a little sign, then the house is ready to go to it’s new destination.

Really enjoyed the challenge, it has been 2 years since I made my last fairy house.

One thought on “Diary – Disappointed

  1. So sorry about all the foggy/fuzzy head days and their accompanying symptoms you have been having lately. Wish I could do something to help, but know you are in my thoughts for better days ahead. Elaine

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