Diary – Settling in my holiday surroundings

Monday 16th May 2922

My diary is from last Tuesday 10th May 2022,

It took me a while to settle in my new surroundings. Takes me a good while to get my head around where things are…the simplest of things like a light switch throws me

All switches in a row…mmm which one shall I press, as I flick the switches on and off like Blackpool illuminations! Lights illuminated in every room!

The unpacking – When you unpack and put your clothes in the drawers. The day after you simply can’t remember where you have put things, so you have to open every drawer to find a pair of socks.

The routine – familiarity of home is no longer, a simple routine of charging my iPad and phone is thrown into confusion…where and when… I can’t even find my charger. Every single thing is in a different place causing confusion!

Planning- Hubby is planning my day so at least I have some idea of what I will be doing. I keeping my morning walk routine, the only thing is, I have to walk with hubby. Bang goes my independence.

Morning walk – I haven’t ventured out alone for a walk as it’s like a maze of lodges winding through trees and woodland. Far too confusing for me, so I do feel a little restricted.

Sleep – I’m finding it too dark at nighttime, especially when I go to bed and turn off the lights. I can’t make out where the furniture is placed, where the door is situated, it’s a little unnerving.

There are no street lights to shine a soft glow into my room or the moon to brighten the dark sky. The canopy of thick lush trees encase the lodge, creating a more natural habitat…The dark forest.

I love forests through the day when they are alive with bird song and wild life. At night it feels different with the rustling of trees, the eyes from animals illuminate and look quite scary almost evil. Funny how our brain plays tricks…Is it real or is it dementia making me question if things are real.

The bird song is definitely real, as I press record on my phone.

Bird song and nature…now that’s relaxing! There is the odd whimper from Toby in the recording, he most probably spotted a squirrel or a rabbit.

A holiday with dementia might be a little confusing at times, makes life a little more difficult. Life is never easy if you moan and groan about it. You have got to give things ago…You won’t know unless you try.

There are things that i would possibly change on my next holiday…See there will be a next time!

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