Diary – A visit to Keswick

Tuesday 17th March 2022

On Wednesday the 11th May, hubby suggested we have a road trip to Keswick via a few other places which I can’t remember the names now.

Firstly our morning walk, which was a little damp underfoot, it absolutely threw it down in the night

Being in the lodge the rain sounds so much louder than at home, it’s like being in a tin can! The noise didn’t bother me, we had a static caravan for years and loved the sound of the rain.

Didn’t see any Deer this morning, then again didn’t have time to hang around looking, we had a road trip to commence.

Off we go down the winding roads, I had forgotten just how winding and narrow some of the roads are in the Lake District.

I’m not a good traveler at the best of times…never have been. The winding in and out, the up, the down, the car moving from side to side really affects how I feel. I am now getting agitated, Hubby knows I’m not a good traveller.

All I am thinking at this moment of nauseousness is …“ why would you do this to me”!

We stop at the side of the road to give me a break, hopefully I will feel better once out of the car. The views distract me from the sickly feeling, as I take more and more photos.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the best day for photos, it was a little misty, obscuring the spectacular views.

We drive a little further where the mist looks to be lifting, a very welcome stop, as my feet are now on firm ground

Then it’s on to Keswick, these roads seem to go on and on, just winding in and out. A few hold my breath moments as larger vehicles come towards us…how will we ever get through!

At one point we had a large wagon with a trailer full of logs coming towards us, pushing us into the side of the road…Me I am panicking…My car! …My car!

We had only collected our new car last week, so I’m on mega alert. Me and my cars always have a special bond! I do get very attached and over protective where my cars are concerned!

So this particular journey is not making good memories at the moment.

After about an hour of winding roads, I now feeling rubbish. Stressed from escaping damaging our new car, we arrive in Keswick.

Keswick is a special place for Wendy one of my friends, so I couldn’t come to the Lake District and not visit Keswick.

Unfortunately it’s a grey cloud day, does not detract from the beauty that surrounds us.

The weather briefly brighten up a little while I captured a few photos.

I wish we had been able to spend a little longer at Keswick, but do you know what…It gives me an excuse to visit again sometime.

I made a collage of just a few of my photos from our visit to Keswick below

Wonderful memories captured on camera.

Tomorrows blog is a visit to Coniston

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