Diary – Holiday and Dementia

Thursday 19th May 2022

When you crave for home Thursday 12th 2022

As our holiday week progresses, the agitation creeps in. I don’t know why this happens but it does. Even though hubby has tried to plan and make our break interesting, my sidekick starts to crave for normality.

It is a very strange feeling…I’m just missing everything… My routine, food, bed, home comforts.

Even though the place we are staying couldn’t be any better to relax and unwind.

The surroundings of nature giving me so much camera time…I mean come on! I had Deer greeting me every time I have enter the woodland, how amazing!

But…It’s just not home.

We have had ducks landing on the roof of the lodge, rabbits running around the perimeter of the lodge

Deers galore

Baby ducklings, goslings, even Mandarin ducks, something we don’t get where we live.

It’s has been so nice to see something new.

Thursday evening I was packing my suitcase, with wonderful thoughts of being in my own home.

Also the thoughts of leaving such a beautiful place, confuses the way I feel. So very mixed feelings.

Until agitation kicks in again, home is now definitely winning!

I have really enjoyed the woodlands, the nature and especially the Deer.

One thing I won’t miss is the winding roads!

2 thoughts on “Diary – Holiday and Dementia

  1. Wonderful photos! Now you are home and back in your routine and, hopefully, more content. And your photos will remain to remind you of all you and hubby experienced. He needed that getaway too. Enjoy your weekend! Elaine

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