Diary – Home Sweet Home

Friday 20th May 2022

On Friday 13th May, It was back to my familiar surroundings…Home

We are greeted not by Deer today, just lots of new additions…Baby starlings…They are everywhere!

And of course Stephen Seagull, whom flew into the garden almost immediately

I was a little worried that my feathered friends would disappear if I was not around.

How wrong was I, as they all fly in to greet me.

I have definitely been missed. Perhaps not me exactly…I think it’s the tasty treats that I feed them they have missed!

Now I have to find my routine again, but first I have washing to do.

Today I will be spending the day washing and cleaning the car.

It’s so good to be home!

The newly fitted kitchen is a little confusing as I haven’t got a clue where anything is, so plenty of door opening and closing taking place.

You would think because I was the one who put all the pots and plates in the cupboards, I would be able to find them…No that is not the case! Hubby is struggling too! It’s all fun in the kitchen today!

As the day progresses more and more baby starling visits our garden, we have had a few accidents as they took a liking to our pond. The only thing is our pond is covered in netting to stop the seagulls from taking our fish.

One little starling got stuck in the netting, so while hubby held him I gently snipped off the net to untangle him. No damage done, as the little guy flies to a dry spot to shake himself dry

They have flown in to walls, fencing and our windows, startlingly themselves in the process, they are so clumsy! Learning to fly is definitely not as easy as they thought!

Most importantly there have been no major injuries.

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