Diary – Our Visit to Coniston

Wednesday 18th May 2022

On Thursday 12th May 2022 it was a visit to Coniston.

Coniston Water is the fifth largest of the lakes, Coniston lake is well known for Sir Malcolm Campbell and his attempt at the water speed record in 1939, which he achieved at over 141 miles per hour. On his death, his son Donald Campbell took up where his father left off.

His aim was to exceed 300 miles per hour, which he did on 4th January 1967, but the craft, ‘Bluebird’, shot up into the air and disappeared into the lake.

On 8 March 2001, Bluebird was raised from the bed of Coniston Water.

We have a short walk around the lake taking in the views, while Toby and Charlie play in the water

We make our way to the Blue Bird Cafe for refreshments, where we sit for a while, just watching the world go by.

Looks like a children’s activity group are having fun on the lake. When my daughters were at high school they had an activity week at Tower Woods in the Lake District, that’s some year’s ago!

Lots of water activities taking place today.

The Coniston Gondola taking passengers on a tour around the lake.

Hubby suggested that we should hire a little boat… seemed like a great idea.

Not sure about the dogs and how they would react.

Off we go in our little motor boat, chugging across the lake. It was a little rough at times from the wake of other boats which I didn’t like. As we rocked from side to side Toby was a nervous wreck, shaking and panting, obviously not liking the boat. Charlie wasn’t too bad as long as he was sat next to me.

As long as the boat was stable Toby was fine as soon as it rocked…well that was a different story.

So there’s me hold of two dogs trying to take photos and keep myself calm!

clicking away with my camera, when I spot a mother duck with 11 baby ducklings.

Wow! 11 all in a line, swimming across the lake…oh my goodness she has along way to go to reach the other side. I hope the ducklings stay safe.

We had just spotted a cormorant diving into the waters.

At last back on dry land which was a relief for Toby, Charlie and myself

So I won’t be rushing to do that experience again, well not with two dogs!

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