Diary – Things that make us comfortable

Tuesday June 21st 2022

Have you thought about all the things that make us comfortable in our our own home

Our daily routines.

The things we use

What we like to eat and drink

Our own personal things that are so important to us.

To a person living with dementia it might be the difference between calm or agitation

Taking away our personal possessions would only make us sad. Could make a person feel like they are being punished in some way.

By taking something away from a person it would most probably have a negative impact.

Sit back and just think of all the things you love to use everyday






Pen, paper

Sketch pad

Digital clock / calendar



There are so many things we use in our daily life. These things make us happy keep us content, calm, give us purpose and occupy time.

If i had to go into a care home and my everyday items where taken away from me.

Wow just think of the effect that this could have on my mental health.

For example take away my phone or possibly my camera for a week…How would I cope…Would I understand why they have been taken away?

Try to put yourself in their shoes…How would you feel?

Just imagine going to live in a care home where you can not take all your possessions. Or they might even put your possessions in a cupboard or drawer and you don’t know they are there!

You might not have your favourite chair or drinking cup.

Your cup that you have used for years, has now been changed to a plastic mug.

You have now stopped drinking!


Because it’s not Your mug! You have no idea that the plastic mug is meant for you.

You might not like the feel of drinking out of plastic!

So you refuse to drink.

Carers and loved ones now think you are being awkward, because you are not drinking.

You are not being awkward, you just want the china cup you have always had your cup of tea in.

Simple really when you assess the situation.

At home or in a care home, it is important to have our familiar items with us or in a place that we can find them easily.

Routine is so important so don’t change it!

A regular routine can help

  • Keep stress levels down
  • Form good daily habits
  • Feel more productive
  • More focused

Routines are the things that regularly happen.

Routines can be comprised of eating breakfast, reading the newspaper or a magazine, getting your hair done, going for a walk every day, setting the table for dinner, drying the dishes.

Routines may also consist of the order in which tasks are completed.

If you’re getting ready for bed, you might have a shower and put your night clothes on, have a hot drink, watch tv. Then you may brush your teeth before getting into bed.

Practicing a routine or activity regularly, mentally or physical may increase the likelihood of that ability remaining.

This allows for some independence.

Daily washing of dishes or a little cleaning can increase self esteem and confidence.

In a nursing home, or care facility, the turn over of staff could be a problem. You may have a different staff member every day caring for you.

How do you build trust and relationships between the staff and the resident?

I know this could be an issue for me as I am not great with people I don’t know.

As time goes on, dementia will progress one thing never to forget, I am still the same person.

I still need a routine.

Perhaps just simplify and adapted to our needs.

3 thoughts on “Diary – Things that make us comfortable

  1. Routine is important I agree and especially when you go into a Care Home but in my experience this isn’t so! My mam went into a care home as a last resort as her dementia had progressed to the extent that her home wasn’t a safe place for her. The stairs were too steep to climb at night, the bathroom wasn’t suitable etc, so with a heavy heart mam went into a care home. Mam went in happy and cheerful. As this was during covid my mam had to stay in her room in a care home for 14 days! She had been fully vaccinated and had never had covid and was in good health. How can keeping someone in their room for 14 days do anyone any good especially those living with dementia. Mam was used to sitting in the garden watching the birds instead there was no familiarity. Dad and I were not allowed to visit, even though she kept asking where he was, not even a window visit!

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