Diary – Let’s Bake!

Tuesday 13th September 2022

Saturday morning I always bake, it has become part of my Saturday routine now.

I do occasionally get a little fed up of baking the same things, but I do think following the recipes will keeps my brain going.

Baking now sometimes it’s not perfect, I do have a few mistakes, hiccups and disasters along the way.

Luckily, I have not set the house on fire yet!

The odd baking tray has been cremated, along with the biscuits!

Hey! I have made some great charcoal !

Last week one of my neighbours brought me some pears from his garden pear tree, so I made pear and apple crumble…Mmmm now that was good.

Yesterday my neighbour brought more…a whole lot more pears !

Time to have a go at Pear tart tatin. I have never made one before so anything can happen.

I start by getting all the ingredients ready and placing them on the work surface.

I have the recipe printed out and a pen handy to tick things off as I go along.

Let the baking begin!

For some unknown reason I got distracted in my recipe book and meringues and pastas de natta, jumped into my head, so I ended up making Meringues.

Meringues successful, can’t wait to eat one of those!

Next I thought I would have a go at pastel de natta, the Portuguese custard tart.

That bake didn’t go very well, disastrously really!

Smoke alarm going off!

Panic! Can’t stand the noise!

I wave the kitchen towel around frantically under the alarm to disperse smoke, hoping the alarm stops soon.


Mmmm not quite as I expected, a little burnt. I have no idea what has happened to the custard filling. It was more like a cake!

Then comes the Tart tatin.

Looks ok.

Proof will be in the eating!

One thing I know for sure is…I should only bake one thing at a time! Took far too much on, for my head to cope with today.

Did have a nice treat…

A piece of the tart tatin with ice cream.

Cake always makes things better 😋

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