Diary – Beach Walks

Thursday 15th September 2022

Over the last 5 days I have had my walking routine disrupted as hubby’s car has picked up a very serious car bug!

Definitely not firing on all cylinders!

Hubby is now having to use my car to be able to get to work every day, which means I cannot have my early mornings at the Nature Reserve.

This has resulted in me walking to the beach more.

Last Tuesday, I set off with Toby by my side and camera over my shoulder.

It was a cloudy morning, with sunny spells.

The clouds masking the sun made the air much cooler.

The beach was quiet, only the odd dog walker passing as we walk on the shoreline.

I click away with my camera to the background noise of the sea lapping the shore.

Such a calming sound, instantly relaxes.

I spot a conch shell, broken but interesting. I kneel on the sand and begin to take photos

I’m ok getting down…it’s the getting up that is not a pretty sight.

My hip doesn’t want to work, I use Toby as a prop to stabilise my movement…Poor Toby!

I spot a couple of birds which land just at the waters edge, now they have taken to darting around on the sand looking for food. Boy they are quick!

I spy another bird it’s a Tunstone camouflaged upon the rocks

A cormorant flys past, my reaction is a little slow to capture a good shot.

We sit on the beach.

There I just take in my surroundings, the noises, the smells, the views

What a view it is!

The vast open sea, I can just about see Wales to my left and the Lake District to my right.

It’s the sound of the sea that captivates me this morning.

A few shots of Mary’s Shell, then we leave in the direction of home.

Today I’m drawn to walk through Jubilee Gardens, I can see little birds flitting around, sparrows and goldfinches playing. They look like the are having a picnic, as they all burry their heads in the green damp dewy grass, picking at the seeds.

A man shouts across…” oy what you filming?”

Me – “ I’m not filming I’m taking photos”

Man – “ what you taking photos of there’s nothing there”

I did question myself as I start to walk away.

Me – “I can see lots of goldfinches and sparrows” ( secretly hoping they are around and I’m not seeing things)

Man – Well I can’t see anything!

I smile and walk on.

As soon as I get in the house I load up my photos.

See, I wasn’t seeing things!

The camera never lies 😊

4 thoughts on “Diary – Beach Walks

  1. Last week I had a rare escape to a favourite beach and while I was watching the sea I had the pleasure of watching two sea birds hunting fish only to be joined by a dolphin hunting and playing with the same fish. I also watched a woman on the beach getting sun and perusing her phone, completely oblivious to the show taking place in front of her, I thought that rather sad.

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