Diary – Back at the nature reserve

Tuesday 20th September 2022

I’m back at the nature reserve this morning. (Thursday 8th September) Yes, I have the car today! At the moment me and hubby are car sharing as hubby’s car is still in the garage…Car covid I think!

It was a bit of a cloudy start to the day, looks like rain could be heading our way. I’m not bothered as I’m in one my favourite places.

I think the ducks have missed me!

As soon as I am spotted they are straight out the pond!

I haven’t even completed my walk yet!

They should know I don’t feed them until I reach the trip trap bridge!

Not this morning!

It was so comical as they waddled along behind me, following my footsteps.

Happily quacking away.

What a greeting!

Eventually I make it to the trip trap bridge where not only have I a large following of ducks, but also a flock of seagulls flying around my head

All my feathered friends enjoying their breakfast.

I leave the pond and head off back towards the car.

Calmness is resumed!

I spot this little one nestled on top of the old stone wall, quietly watching the world.

I approach slowly to capture a photo, but as soon as I’m spotted he’s off.

Back at the car, Toby leaps in to the back of the car, he lies down with a thud. Waiting patiently while Im sorting myself out, putting my camera gear in the footwell of the car, he knows that when I’m sorted he will definitely get a treat before we set off for home.

Treat given, as he smacks his lips, a big lick of the tongue around his long black furry snout, off we go.

Just as I am driving out of the nature reserve towards the the lane, I see birds swooping around, I stop the car and sit watching…Oh no a pigeon is being terrorised by two hawks, well I think they are hawks.

I stop the car, pick my camera up from the footwell and watch the birds swooping and diving. Wow, they are moving far to fast for me to get a clear shot. Not brilliant trying to capture a shot through the car windscreen!

I slowly and quietly get out of the car, one of the hawks lands on the fence, click with my camera hoping I have captured.

The hawks have spotted me! Off they fly into the trees…Wow!

What an end to my walk.

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